Reception: Thursday, Oct. 3 | 11 a.m.–1 p.m.

David Sobotka believes all artists are creators, but within that creative process is an evolutionary process as well. Over a period of six years, Sobotka created more than 3,200 photographic images of plant life, placed over a simple black background. While these images are fascinating in their own right, they opened a creative door for David to merge these compositions together into entirely new creations. By turning single images into repeating patterns and shapes, Sobotka’s work further emphasizes the beauty and biodiversity of plant life.

This process mirrors what occurs in our world. As life progresses, there are more layers of increasingly complex forms, all striving for a greater level of perfection. This work contemplates the infinite variety of biodiversity in our world, as well as the ongoing loss of those lifeforms due to the hand of man.

David majored in fine art at Calvin College. While earning his degree, he cultivated a mindset of creativity and an openness to the wonder of the world. In simple terms, as a result of the program, he began to view the world as a canvas.