Directed by Maryann Flock
Catch the sounds of the MVCO. This premiere Moraine Valley ensemble directed by Maestra Flock brings inspirational music for a pandemic. In 2020, Bach’s is music to feed the soul. His Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 at almost 300 years old, still brings comfort to all who partake in its soothing harmonies. The orchestra also recognizes the uniqueness of the 21st century with two works that inspire Americans to appreciate our full heritage, Duke Ellington’s Echoes of Harlem and Ilari Hilkil’s Return to the Indian Valley. To uplift the spirits, the orchestra will close with a duo of dances – a Strauss Viennese waltz and an Argentine tango. Grab your partner and spin away in your living room to dance like no one is watching. The concert will be streamed live from the Dorothy Menker Theater.


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