Tickets: $30 General Public/$25 Seniors, MVCC Staff/FREE for Children and Students (with ID)
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Gamelan Çudamani is evidence of the power of spirituality that informs and animates Balinese life. Internationally hailed as one of Bali’s most forward-thinking music and dance ensembles, Çudamani is known for their exceptional creativity, superb artistry and unflagging love for the classical treasures of Balinese tradition. This 18-member ensemble weaves layers of intricate sound: the punctuation of deep great bronze gongs, charismatic leadership from the drums, stunning interlocking percussion from the bronze gangsa, and finely elaborated delicacy of voice and flute. The ensemble touches the soul with a program that spans the spectrum of human emotion, from sublime to fearless, from reverent to unapologetically playful. Çudamani intrigues the mind and heart, and a radiant flash of their eyes invites you into the transcendent experience of Balinese gamelan and dance.