Seating Capacity
Orchestra w/Pit: 433
Orchestra w/out Pit: 405
Balcony: 170
Balcony Boxes: 16

Total Seating Capacity w/Pit: 619
Total Seating Capacity w/out Pit: 591
Wheelchair seating: 8

Located in the main entrance of the building
Visual Arts Gallery
Public access restrooms for men and women located on first and second floor
Access for the public to seating is back of house on first floor and second floor
Access for performers to the house can be made directly from the stage
Box Office is located in the lobby near the south doors entrance

Farthest seat: 51′-6″ Nearest seat: 5′
Maximum width of auditorium: 76′-5″
Minimum width of auditorium: 56′-0″
Two (2) aisles in orchestra and balcony

24 1/2′ high x 40′ wide
Portal legs provide variable opening
To back wall: 34 1/2′ (from house face of proscenium wall)
To front of stage: 0′ without Orchestra Cover; 9 1/2′ with Orchestra Cover (from house face of proscenium wall)

To stage right wall: 33 1/2′
To stage left wall: 45′

Stage Right: 13 1/2′ x 30′
Stage Left: 25′ x 30′

Stage Floor
Sleeper system-Robin’s bio channel. Floor is painted flat black, stage screws and nails are acceptable

Road Board
Stage left for plug-in.
One 200 Amp. / 3 PH service stage left, 7′ from proscenium opening.
Bare wire connection into panel.
Interface between road and house lighting equipment is DMX 512 C.

Main Curtain (Indigo Blue Color): Guillotine and Travel Control located Stage Right
Single Purchase Counterweight System with 28 lines on 9″/0.15m centers
Grid Height: 60′
1600 lb. line load
3 hemp sets may be used for scenery storage and special lighting positions
First available line from plaster: 3′ – 4″ (line #4)
Last available line from plaster: 23′ – 4″ (line #26)
Permanently hung cyclorama: 27′ – 9″ from plaster
Cyc curtain is constructed of white, filled scrim 26 1/2′ h x 51′ w
Masking inventory: 2 panels, 5 leg sets with tabs and 5 borders, all black velour

Batten Lengths
Standard Battens are 52′ long
Battens #3, 18, 25 are electric – these are not suitable for scenic or moving pieces

Standard sets require 3 bricks for batten weight and have a 1600 lb capacity at the pipe
Full bricks weight 44 lbs, half bricks weigh 22 lbs



House Board and Control
In Projection booth located house left rear of balcony enter house left balcony
ETC ION Console with Two 2×10 Fader Wings, Two DVI Monitors and Net3 Radio Focus Remote
One touch screen interface
Dedicated master playback fader pair
Dedicated grand master and blackout switch
999 cue lists
200 active playbacks
4 x 1000 palettes (Intensity, Focus, Color, Beam)
1000 presets, effects and macros
4 pageable encoders
Channel summary or table views, user configurable in live/blind
Blind spreadsheet views
Data import from ETC Obsession, Express/ion, Emphasis, Congo and Strand Show files via ASCII
Show file compatibility with Eos and Element
Client/server networking and synchronized backup
Integral LCD for softkeys and non-intensity parameter control
2 x DMX512 outputs, RDM ready
ETCNet2 and Net3 native
Hard disk memory and USB compatible external storage
MIDI In/Out (additional time code functions via external gateways)
Contact Closure Triggers
5 multipurpose USB bus (pointing devices, printer, mouse, keyboard, touchscreens, flash drives)
Audio In/Out
ETC Expression 3-800: 1,536 Dimmer Attributes, 800 Control Channels, 600 Cues, 500 Groups, 2,000 Macro, 24 Submasters/10 pages
Remote focus unit
House lights can be run separately
Lighting Positions Note: All electric positions are permanent. Equipment inventory is variable. Tell us what you need and we will substitute equipment as necessary.

Two (2) Lycian Super Arc 400, located back of house in balcony with full booth enclosure
The FPAC has an ETC Expression Console connected to an ETC Response Network Controller. This gives us the ability to turn over control of any of our dimmers to a user’s light board, provided that the following conditions can be met:
The user’s lighting console must have an available DMX output that can be connected to our stage left DMX line inputs. IF the user is controlling digital equipment (such as dimmers, color scrollers, intellabeams, etc.) there must be an extra DMX 512 output, a parallel output that can be used, or the user must bring a splitting device for the DMX output (such as a Doug Fleenor “Opto-splitter”)
We must retain control of our houselights
We need a reasonable amount of preparation time on Move-In day to program our Response Network Controller, unless all relevant re-patch information can be made available to us at least two business days in advance.

Soundcraft Si Expression Digital Live Sound Console (32 channel + 2 stereo) mixing console located back of second floor balcony in booth with open window (18” w x 36” h). Mixing console can be set on H.R. main floor, under balcony with the removal of a minimum 6 house seats.
Soundcraft GB4 (24 channel mono + 2 stereo)
Nexo Geo S line arrays – Stereo. (3) S805/Main Fill, (3) S830/Down Fill and (1) CD12 per side. NX242 processor with (4) Yamaha PC9501N amplifiers.
Four Nexo PS8s available for front fill (stereo or mono).
One Stage Monitor mix with two monitors, provided by your choice of: Yamaha SM15-V, Yamaha SM12-V, Yamaha SM10-V, or Nexo PS10.
Playback from a Stanton C501 dual CD/DJ system – with pitch control and single track play.
One Shure ULXP4 (J1) wireless lavaliere systems (switchable to hand held, SM58).
One wired hand-held microphone and stand or stationary podium microphone.
Clear-Com system available at all key locations with limited paging to the dressing rooms.
Smaller events can utilize one of two Stagehands included with rental agreement to operate sound. Bigger events will need a dedicated Sound Technician and the additional cost (determined when contracted) will be added.


Dressing Rooms

Locations and Capabilities
Dressing/Makeup/Green Rooms are in the basement, directly underneath the stage – accessible via stairway on stage right and left, and elevator
Two (2) cast dressing rooms – capacity (7+) each, includes sink, private toilet and shower
One (1) star dressing room, includes private sink, toilet and shower
Costume Shop can be used as a Wardrobe Room
One (1) Green Room

All dressing rooms include lights, chairs, sink, toilets, and showers
Costume Shop is equipped with clothes racks, washer, dryer, sewing machines, irons, ironing boards and steamer
Green Room includes sink, refrigerator, table and chairs

Truck Loading and Unloading
Loading dock is level with stage floor
Dock height above ground level: 4′
Loading door measures: 9’6″ wide x 10′ high
Loading door at stage: 12′ wide x 12′ tall
Distance to stage: 15′
(2) Trucks can unload at dock at a time
Arrangements for overnight, on-campus parking must be made in advance
Shore power available

Orchestra Facilities
Orchestra Pit measures: 40′ wide x 9 1/2′ to 5 1/2′ on ends Performance level: 7′ x 0″ below stage level
Accommodates up to 14 musicians at 30 sq. ft per musician
Orchestra Pit is a hydraulic lift
Stairway on Stage Right and Left can be added
Rehearsal space is available by advance arrangement
Wenger music stands with clip-on lights are available, limited in number
Podium with Moraine Valley Community College logo is also available