Join our FPAC 2019 challenge to upgrade our technology

To continue to attract the latest entertainment and provide professional level experience and training for our students, it’s time to update our technology in the Fine and Performing Arts Center.

Critical technology needs include:

  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • New, moving spotlights
  • Lighting control boards
  • Digital wireless microphones
  • Digital sound system

Our goal is to raise $50,000 toward new equipment and technology for the theater by 2019. Thanks to the generous support of a donor, every donation made between now and June 2019 will be matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000.

Join our FPAC 2019 challenge and help Get On With the Show!

Thank you to our current donors! as of  Aug. 24, 2018

Ms. Marian Berrigan
Ms. Shirley E. Burt
Ms. Josephine Cox
Ms. Gertrude Coulter
Ever Ellingstad
Mr. Richard Facko
Ms. Mary Fitzpatrick
Ms. Debra Gineris
Ms. Denise Gray
Mr. Garret Gray
Ms. Claire A. Greczka
Glen Green
Ms. Dana Gregorich
Ms. Kathleen D. Griffin
Trish Hattan
Mr. Michael F. Hickey
Ms. Janice Hill
Margaret Hoenig
Ms. Judy Huizinga
Mr. Thomas Jakaitis
Joseph M. Lauricella
Lawralee Luetkemeyer
Howard Martens
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Matin
Ms. Marcia McGerty
Ms. Peggy Miller
Susanne Mosel
Leonida Neu
Ms. Cynthia A. Nugent
Ms. Margaret Nugent
Ms. Kathleen J. O’Brien
Timothy E. O’Shea
Kathy Peshak
Mrs. Susan E. Phelan
Amy Piatkiewicz
Mr. George Pluister
Ms. Karen Rascher
Mr. and Mrs. Shari Schmidt
Ms. Joyce M. Seidel
Joanne Slovey
Mrs. Nancy Spaulding
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Sukta
Mr. Brian Sullivan
Mike Sutko
Ms. Christine A. Swift
Mrs. Eleanor Thielen
Ms. Helen Wann
Mr. Edward Wiley
Ms. Antonia Wister
Shirley A. Wolfe
Ms. Jean Wronski
Ms. Prudence M. Yontez

Ms. Sharon M. Bloczynski
Ms. Jenny Blouzdis
Eileen Broderick
Ms. Jean E. Charnas
Ms. Pamela Dryden
Ms. Janet Edman
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Fojtik
Kathy and Phil Foster
Mr. Thomas Fuelling
Pam Gerhardt
Barbara Glusak
Ms. Patricia A. Hannon
Mr. Thomas A. Hensel
Ms. Theresa Keene
Dr. Lisa S. Kelsay
Mr. Theodore Krakowski
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Losey
Ms. Beth Miller
Rosemarie Murphy
Dennis Meyer
Mrs. Beverly A. Opelka
The Patio of Bridgeview
Marjorie B. Pelino
Mr. Robert E. Piorkowski
Mr. James B. Polo
Ms. Charlotte Razor
Raymond and Mary Ellen Schwaller
Mr. Nicholas Thomas
Mrs. Sandra Wagner
Ms. Bernadine Zarecki
Jill Tobin
Mary Kay Weir

Barbara Bevan and Thomas Cantwell
Margi and Bill Hafer
Ms. Patricia McMahon
Joyce and Paul Porter
Mrs. Lois Rozdilsky
Judith Stazak
Mr. Karl Strnad
Matt Walsh

Ms. Bernadette M. Benson
Richard and Jeanette Brandstedt
Nick and Judith Mokelke
Barry Gaw
Beth Miller and Michael Hammond
Margaret Lehner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marks
Egon and Dorothy Menker
Norm and Shirley Sobol
Ron and Jean Theis
Ms. Jean Wronski

John and Patricia Coleman