So many Moraine Valley students face challenges that could easily derail their dreams of a college education. With most of our students working full or part-time jobs while going to school, raising families and juggling funds to pay for rent, groceries and car payments, finances are the biggest obstacle our students face.

Realizing this need, the Moraine Valley Foundation is relentless in their pursuit of raising funds to help our students overcome various obstacles preventing dreams from becoming reality. Thanks to our generous donors, we awarded more than 200 scholarships annually. These awards ranged from $500 to $2,500 per semester. Scholarships are based on outstanding academic achievement, community service and/or financial need.

Meet a few of our students who have received support through the Moraine Valley Foundation

Lana Abumallouh

Lana was struggling to attend college and manage a growing family. It was not easy to balance raising her daughters and keep up with her classes. When she received the scholarships, she gained the strength and confidence needed to stay dedicated to complete her education. The MVCC Foundation scholarship was just what she needed to succeed.

Ginger Rubenstein
Ginger is a radiologic technology student determined to complete her studies because of a commitment to caring for others inspired by the recent passing of her aunt and grandmother. She made a promise to herself and loved ones that she will utilize her greatest strength of providing compassionate care to those in need. A Foundation scholarship can back Ginger’s promise.


Suzette has fostered and adopted nine children and works as a UPS warehouse employee to help support her large family. She watched the machinery sorting the packages and thought she could design those machines. Determined to make a better life for her large family and set an example about the value of education to her children she enrolled in Moraine Valley’s mechanical engineering program. A Foundation scholarship and unending determination are making her dream come true.

Jake Klocek
Jake put his dreams aside to care for his little sister. After losing his mother suddenly, Jake had to quit college to care for his younger sister. He stuck to his commitment working full-time to keep their small family together. Years later, she is finishing college, so now it’s time for Jake to restart his education. Still working full-time, he enrolled at Moraine Valley. A Foundation scholarship assures that this time, Jake’s dream is uninterrupted.


Keenan Lanfair
After working in customer service for more than 20 years and loving it, Keenan decided to enroll at Moraine Valley to take his career to the next level by studying Human Resource Management. Returning to school after 26 years was overwhelming, and finding the funds to pay for school just about stopped his dream. Despite hardships, he remained committed to grow his career to achieve financial stability. His Foundation scholarship was an investment in his future.