Despite the college doing everything in its power to keep students on track, there are hundreds of stories where the dream of a college education slips away because of life or financial challenges. So, when someone makes a donation to help a Moraine Valley student, that gift can be life-changing. It can mean the difference between having to work a second job while attending class or being able to pay for childcare. It can mean paying for books and tuition and finally finishing a degree, getting a better paying job and providing for a family in need. It can literally change a life.

Considering Moraine Valley Community College offers an affordable, quality college education it doesn’t take a lot to change students’ lives. Your small change actually can add up to make a big change in a student’s life. And since we are such a close-knit community, our small donations add up quickly to have a big impact.

Please give what you can afford, to change a Moraine Valley student’s life. Every gift has an immediate and profound impact on the lives of Moraine Valley students.


Carmen C.

"Being the first in my family to attend college, my why is to make them proud by obtaining a degree in criminal justice to protect others as a police officer."


Keenan L.

"Growing in my career is why I returned to college in pursuit of a degree in Human Resources Management."

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Moraine Valley Foundation supports the college campus and community with the following and more:

  • Academic and need-based scholarships to Moraine Valley students
  • Emergency assistance funds for students who are struggling to remain in school
  • Grant funds to faculty and staff who have innovative projects that support the college mission
  • Funds to support the Fine and Performing Arts Center, along with other enriching programs for both the campus and community

You play a significant role in the ongoing success of the Moraine Valley Community College.

Thank you.

The Moraine Valley Community College Foundation, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, promotes and financially supports college programs and provides scholarships and financial assistance to students while exercising prudent management and investment of donor funds.

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