Years of swim coaching experience
I have been coaching kids and adults of all ages for 3 years

Strongest area of swim coaching
Beginners. I love to encourage and push my swimmers to improve.

List all aquatics certifications
I am Red Cross certified for Lifeguarding and Ellis certified swim instructor

Swim Coaching Experience
I have taught swimming at UIC and Lindbloom Chicago Park District Pool

Swimming Achievements
I’ve completed physical requirements in order to work as a lifeguard for the Chicago park district such as 200m swim(freestyle) in 2:36 sec , a 25m underwater swim (one whole pool length) underwater with one breath and 10 pound brick retrieval at the end in 16ft deep water

Coaching Style
I wouldn’t say I have a style I just enjoy watching improvement

What is your philosophy/motto
Treat every day like it’s your last. Cherish everything