Years of professional experience
One year

A.S. degree from moraine valley community college
Fitness trainer certificate program from moraine valley community college

Ace certified personal trainer

Personal training programming strengths
Strength training, weight management, beginners

Exercise equipment that you specialize in
All resistance equipment especially resistance bands, cables machine, free weights, and specific muscle equipment

I love being a personal trainer because…
Lifting is my passion! Fitness changed my life and probably saved it. I weighed over 200lbs at a young age and most of my weight loss journey i accomplished on my own with little help and guidance. It was a long journey of learning and adapting, trial and error, ups and downs. I want to provide people with guidance and support through their fitness journey whatever their goals may be. 

Inspirational/motivational quote you live by
Push pass the mental blocks and listen to your body. Your mind will tell you to quit 100 times before your body ever will. And always remember to breath!

Words that describe your style of personal training
Understanding and relatable. I can relate to clients on various levels, i’ve lost weight, gained muscle, and maintained fitness through my own fitness journey. I believe combining cardio with resistance training are both equally important for any fitness program.

Favorite food/meal
Avocados, bananas, shrimp stir-fry, grilled chicken and roasted veggies, peanut butter and honey sandwich

Least favorite exercise or muscle to train
Lunges and running are the worst for me! I also find chest exercises to be tedious.