Years of Personal Training Experience
3.5 years

B.S. degree – Sports Management from DePaul University

-NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
-TRX Certified

Personal Training Programming Strengths
Stabilization training, weight management, functional training, HIIT training, sport-specific training

Exercise equipment that you specialize in
Free weights, cables, kettlebells, TRX, stabilization/balance equipment, Synrgy360

I love being a personal trainer because
I get the opportunity to help people every day and share my fitness knowledge. No day is ever the same; I am constantly working with new personalities, goals, and challenges.

Inspirational/motivational quote you live by
“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Words that describe your style of personal training
I am not the crazy drill sergeant type. However, I will find the best way to motivate you. Everyone is motivated and coached a little differently. Check out Coach John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success.” Many of the things I preach with my clients come from this model.

Favorite personal training memory
I was lucky to get paired with a very hard working client while I was in school. He was my first client at DePaul and we worked really well together. He completely changed his life, lost about 80 pounds and got into incredible shape. We also incorporated golf exercises into our programming, which lowered his score on the links!

Favorite healthy food/meal
Baked chicken breast with bell peppers, spinach and asparagus

Least favorite exercise or muscle to train on self
Wall sits. I had an old coach in high school who made me really hate them!