Years of Personal Training Experience

1 +


Lewis University, B.S., Exercise and Movement Science, December 2018

Moraine Valley Community College, A.A. 2015


NSCA – CPT 2018

Personal Training Programming Strengths

My training strengths include client goal-setting, sports specific training, body transformation, weight loss, high-intensity interval training, and beginner/novice weightlifting through olympic weightlifting.

Exercise Equipment that you specialize in

I generally train with free weights, selectorized machines, cardio equipment, bands, medicine balls, and plyometric boxes. However, I also utilize body weight exercises based on my clients’ needs. I attend coaching conferences to keep up to date on the newest techniques and equipment available. I strive to empower my clients mentally and physically to obtain the best results by applying what I learn from other experts in the industry.

I love being a Personal Trainer because

Being a trainer and coach is my ideal profession because it allows me to help others achieve their goals! Training is my passion and I love what I do! Seeing my clients and the athletes I train excel is incredibly rewarding! 

 Inspirational/Motivational Quote you live by

“When you fall, try to fall on your back. Because when you can look up, you can get up!” -Les Brown

Words that describe your style of Personal Training

Adaptive, Positive and Passionate. I believe in the concept of becoming 1% better than yesterday. As someone consistently focused on self-improvement I love to surround myself with others who are committed to achieving their own goals. I love helping people, and in my experience determination, a positive attitude and the desire for progress are all contagious.

Favorite Personal Training Memory

My favorite memory was with the high school football team I currently train. Two of the linemen were fired up because I helped them hit new personal records on floor presses. Their energy electrified the weight room and everyone began escalating their productivity. It was an incredible feeling to know that I helped with the team’s training development!

Favorite Healthy Food/Meal

Salmon salad

Least Favorite Exercise or Muscle to train on self

Bulgarian Split Squats