Starting in March 2021, FitRec will add Nutrition Coaching to its current Health & Fitness Services options.  In this installment of Wellness Wealth, FitRec Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Jay Guerrero will outline what a nutrition coach can/cannot do for you as well as some of the benefits of hiring a nutrition coach can provide.  Also, during the month of March, all nutrition coaching packages are on sale right now for 10 percent off, so take advantage of the discounted prices on nutrition coaching, fitness assessments and personal training packages.

What is a Nutrition Coach?

Would you like to know how a Nutrition Coach can help you?

  • A Nutrition Coach provides education and guidance to clients on their fitness journey.
  • A Nutrition Coach can discuss with you pros and cons of certain diets, teach you how to read nutrition labels and navigate the grocery store.
  • A Nutrition Coach is there to be an education support system.
  • A Nutrition Coach will help you map out appropriate goals.
  • A Nutrition Coach will share resources with you, such as wellness apps and websites.
  • A Nutrition Coach will empower you to make healthy choices.

It is important to know that Nutrition Coach is NOT a Dietitian. Here are examples of things that are out of the scope of practice for a Nutrition Coach.

  • A Nutrition Coach cannot prescribe or create meal plans.
  • A Nutrition Coach cannot promote or provide medication.
  • A Nutrition Coach cannot diagnose or treat an eating disorder.
  • A Nutrition Coach cannot provide nutrition therapy.

Does this sound like something you are interested in?  We now have Nutrition Coaches ready to assist you with your wellness needs!

To learn more about Nutrition Coaching and the other Health & Fitness Services that FitRec currently has to offer, check out our Health & Fitness Services booklet by clicking HERE

If you have any additional questions regarding any of these services, please reach out to our Membership Services desk at 708-608-4000 or e-mail us at during regular business hours.