Our next Trainer Tidbit installment comes from FitRec Personal Trainer, Sarah Young.  Sarah outlines some of the benefits of weight lifting, especially for women.  Check out her eight reasons below to learn more about why women should add weight lifting to their exercise routine.

  1. You Will NOT Get Bulky – This is a MYTH! It is physically impossible for women to get “bulky” from lifting heavier weights. Women produce 5% to 10% less testosterone then men, limiting muscle building potential. Women will get stronger and leaner.
  2. Burns More Calories – You may burn more calories in a single 1-hour session of cardio vs 1-hour session of lifting weights.  However, you burn calories longer and more calories overall in the 24-hour period post-weight training vs cardio.
  3. Reduces Body Fat and Adds Definition – Assists in weight loss and reducing body fat, while maintaining and building muscle mass. It increases lean muscle mass, which is what gives your body that “toned” look.
  4. Prevents Osteoporosis – Not only helps maintain bone mass, but can even build new bone. The key is consistency.
  5. Decreases Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes – Lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure as well as contributes to the way the body processes sugar, which reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  6. Decrease Risk of Injury – By using proper form when weight lifting, your joints and ligaments will become stronger and reduce the risk of injury.
  7. Benefits at Any Age – Anyone can benefit from weight training. Studies show that strength improvements can be made at any age!
  8. Builds Confidence – It’s empowering! Not only is your body getting leaner and stronger, but your attitude and self-esteem increase as well.

To learn more about FitRec Personal Trainer Sarah Young, check out her bio page and to learn more about signing up for Personal Training sessions at FitRec, please check out our About Personal Training page.