Our latest installment of Trainer Tidbits is brought to you by FitRec Personal Trainer, Viviana Gamboa. Viviana knows that shoulder and upper back pain are very common ailments that many suffer through, especially when you spend a majority of your work day sitting at a desk.  Below she shares some tips for how to deal with some of those nagging pains.

Do you have hunched shoulders and back pain? Believe it or not this is actually something that is fairly common! Especially if you have a desk job or just on the computer a lot!

But don’t worry I’ve got you covered! I used to have a desk job and found myself with rounded shoulders and back pain. I needed to correct this, so this began the process of trying different exercises to help alleviate my hunched shoulders!

Take a look at my tidbit and give the exercises a try. These particular exercises have helped me out greatly! I would love to hear if it helped you out as well!

Hunched Shoulders?  Try This!

Is your desk job affecting your posture? Or maybe you noticed that you are hunched forward while driving? Do you experience back tightness, shoulder pain, and poor strength/ mobility? I used to experience this in the past, especially when I worked a desk job. But I have a few exercises to try; these are some of the things I used to help correct my posture or even the posture of other members!

Try this!  Just try performing this a few times a week! It does not require a lot of equipment – literally just an elastic tube/resistance band! I recommend starting with 2-3 sets and 8-10 repetitions! Doing this consistently should start to correct the hunched shoulders you may feel when driving or sitting at your job! Let me know if it has helped you out!

Chest Press:  Sets – 2-3, Reps – 8-10

To Start: Position the band behind the shoulders, and rest it around the upper back area. The tubing should come forward underneath the shoulders/armpits.

To Finish: Take a deep breath in and press forward with the tubing. Make sure you keep your belly button pulled in while doing this exercise. Come back to the starting position, by letting your elbows slowly move backwards and slightly behind your back.

Biceps Curl:  Sets – 2-3, Reps – 8-10

To Start: Grab the resistance band at both handles. Place your foot on the center of the resistance band, this will help keep tension throughout the exercise. Arms are at your sides in a lowered position

To Finish: Bending from the elbows raise the handles in an upward direction. Hold for a second when at the peak and then slowly return to the starting position.

Single Arm Row:  Sets – 2-3, Reps – 8-10

To Start: Loop the bottom of the tubing around your foot, keeping the leg softly bent to give the band the resistance it needs. Sit or stand tall but slightly forward (Hinging from the hip).

To Finish: Pull on the band, letting your elbow rub against the rib cage as it moves backwards. Squeeze the shoulder as you move backwards. Return to starting position.

Chest and Back Openers:  Sets -2-3, Reps – 8-10

To Start:

Chest : Wrap the tubing/resistance band behind your back/chair. While holding the band bring your arms up to the sides at a little under shoulder level. 

Back: Hold the band at chest/shoulder level. Gripping the actual bands instead of the handles. 

To Finish:

Chest: Slowly bring your hands towards each other. During this movement make sure there is a slight bend in your elbows to take pressure off of the arms. Bring the handles together until they are directly in front of your chest – then slowly go back to the starting position.

Back: While standing/sitting in a chair, pull the band out to the sides. The band should be expanding across the chest as you pull both sides away from each other. Return to starting position.

For a printable copy of these exercise instructions with illustrations, click HERE.  To learn more about FitRec Personal Trainer Viviana Gamboa, check out her bio page and to learn more about signing up for Personal Training sessions at FitRec, please check out our About Personal Training page.