Our next installment of Trainer Tidbits is brought to you by FitRec Personal Trainer, Joshua Szopinski. Joshua has talked to the Personal Trainers at FitRec and collected some exercising tips and tricks to help you get through the holiday season!  Without further ado, here is the information that Joshua has gathered from the team.

The Holidays Are Coming Up!

Everybody has this thought in the back of their mind. Either deciding on who to invite to festivities, decorating, what dishes to serve, the list could seriously go on. To some this is very stressful, but to others this is an exciting time to see family and friends. Personally, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, let me tell you my family as a whole are pretty good chefs!

But holidays are meant to be enjoyed! I always tell my clients to have fun! Make some memories, laugh and have a good time!

The holidays are indeed slowly encroaching on us and I know some questions are crossing your minds. I believe that collaborations create some of the best memories but also the best ideas! So in the spirit of the upcoming season, I have asked the wonderful Personal Training Team to share with me some of their tips and tricks that they use this time of year! Hopefully a tidbit will be able to help you out!

If you want to learn more tricks and tips in depth, sign up with a FitRec Personal Trainer today! It makes a great gift as well!

Have a Happy Holiday season!

Exercising Tips During the Season

“Get 30 minutes of activity in before your Holiday get togethers. You can do a mini yoga session, go for a walk, hit the gym, or do bodyweight exercises at home. Commit to 30 minutes in the morning on those busy days!” ~ Andrea Grimes

“Plan physical activities around shopping, cooking, and meals. Exercise whenever possible! You can catch me doing some exercises while I am waiting for something to cook! But I am also more inclined to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator while I am out shopping!” ~ Viviana Gamboa

“Don’t forget to work and bring attention to your stabilizer muscles (Rotator cuff, gluteus medius, etc). This can help prevent some injuries such as when you slip on ice or before you lose your balance before a fall. Focusing on these muscles will have you thanking yourself in the long run!” ~ Melvin Germino

Tips for Managing the Stress

“When the holidays approach, our stress levels tend to rise. Remember to follow your breath, before entering a stressful situation take the time to follow at least one complete inhale and exhale (it only takes a few seconds). This will ground you and help center you.” ~ Tim Grutzius

“Remember to take time and truly enjoy the moment. Sit and admire the decorations, or stop and enjoy the different aromas in the air, close your eyes and take those few seconds/minutes for yourself! We tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, we forget to slow down and admire everything. Taking some time for yourself can help reduce stress and help clear the mind!” ~ Joshua Szopinski


Tips for Holiday Eating!

“During your holiday parties stick to appetizers or bite size foods. Stay away from ones that are higher in carbs and sugar. Also don’t forget to drink a glass of water in between cocktails to keep you hydrated!” ~ Andrea Grimes

“Keep your meals balanced with protein and fiber, as this will help you feel more full and reduce the risk of overeating! Also avoid sugary drinks – water is your best friend during parties! Try to limit alcohol to avoid those empty calories!” ~ Viviana Gamboa

“Eating more vegetables can be great for your health, so reach for those at your parties! Vegetables contain many important nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Potassium. When looking for a little flavor, turn towards low fat dressings and seasonings to add to your vegetable dishes!” ~ Jay Guerrero

“Don’t forget to stay hydrated this season! There is so much going on that drinking water is probably not on everyone’s list. Start by getting into the habit of drinking some water before every meal! You can also try adding some fresh lemon, lime or other frozen fruits to your water to add flavor! If all else fails you can set reminders on your phone or leave notes around the house to drink some water or to refill your water bottles!” ~ Lindsay Gallovitch

“Drink water before and after you eat to help feel full and to prevent from overeating. But also be aware of your “satisfied sigh”, this is a way your body naturally tells you that it is full and satisfied! This is a good cue to help prevent from overeating at holiday festivities!” ~ Sarah Young

“We all have personal stuff going on that can set the tone for any setting you enter. Learn to set boundaries by distinguishing between what is yours, and what is someone else’s. Honor each other where we are at in the here and now as this will make for a more peaceful holiday season” ~ Tim Grutzius

All tips provided by FitRec Personal Trainers

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