Has the holiday season made getting to the gym a challenge? No worries! Here’s a 15-minute, at-home workout to help keep you on track. Grab a timer and mat. Let’s get to work!

Warm-Up: 3 minutes (each move 30 second increments):

Begin with some dynamic movements to loosen the joints, warm the muscles, and elevate the heart rate.

  • Side Tap Arm Swing: Step to the right, tap the left foot in, step left, tap right foot in. Swing the arms, crossing in front of the body and opening wide as you step and tap the feet.
  • March in Place: Bend elbows 90 degrees bringing hands, palms down and belly button height in front of the body. March, aiming knees for palms.
  • Heel Kick: Walk in place, while reaching the heels up and back to the glutes.
  • Jog in Place: Same set up as March in Place but move faster!
  • Small Arm Circles: Point fingers up, make small circles forward 15 seconds, backward 15 seconds.

Big Arm Circles: Point fingers down, make big circles forward 15 seconds, backward 15 seconds.

Full Body Workout: 12 minutes (each move 1-minute increments):

  • 2 O’clock, 5 O’clock Sumo Squat: Plant the left foot. Step the right foot wider than hips. Sit the hips back and down, just above knee height. Hold the squat and pivot on the left foot, moving the right foot forward to 2 o’clock and back to 5 o’clock. Switch sides after 30 seconds.
  • Alternating Plank Row: Set up in your plank (knees or toes). Brace the core. Keeping the hips square, reach the right hand straight forward of head. Row the arm back by sliding the shoulder blade in and down to pull the elbow back. Alternate sides for each rep.
  • Oblique Leg Drop: Lie on your back, arms to a T, palms up. Bring knees over hips and rock hips dropping legs forward then backward. Keep shoulder planted on the floor. Extend legs for a greater challenge.
  • 3 Way Calf Raise: Stand feet under hips, toes and heels in line with one another. Lift and lower heels for 20 seconds. Turn heels out and toes in. Lift and lower 20 seconds. Turn toes out, heels in. Lift and lower 20 seconds.
  • Triceps Push-Up: Set both hands directly under shoulders. Plank on knees or toes. Lower and lift the body in a push-up while keeping the elbows tuck in close to the ribs.
  • Back Extension: Lie on your stomach. Squeeze your legs together and engage the glutes. Bring your fingertips to temples and lift and lower the upper body while keeping the lower body grounded.
  • Fire Hydrant: Come into Horse Stance; hands under shoulders, knees under hips. Keeping the knee bent and hips squared, lift the right leg to the side then lower it back to starting position. Complete 30 seconds on the right leg, then switch to left.
  • Downward Dog Push-Ups: Press your hips up toward the ceiling in a downward dog position. Then, walk your hands wider than your shoulders. Bend the elbows wide into a push-up, lowering the crown of your head toward the floor. Press back up.
  • RollUps: Sit tall, legs and arms extended straight in front of the body. Curve through the spine and very slowly lower the body into a lying position. Reach the arms overhead for a stretch. To sit back up, reach the fingertips for the ceiling, lift the shoulder blades from the floor, and pause. Squeeze the glutes and contract the abdominal muscles to slowly roll up to a tall seated position.
  • Get Up Squats: Plant both feet just outside the hips. Sit the hips back and down to knee height. Each time you stand, return to this position. Lower right knee down, then left knee to kneeling position. Reverse the move, right foot then left, returning to squat position. Alternate leading foot, never lifting above the squatting position.
  • Reverse Snow Angel: Lie on your stomach, nose to mat. Reach arms forward, palms down. Holding the rest of your body still, slide your palms in a circular motion down toward your hips. Circle back to starting position. Keep the shoulder blades engaged and use the lats to pull them down to move the arms.
  • Scissors: Lie on your back and bring knees over hips. Extend the legs, pointing toes to the ceiling. Split the legs, dropping the right leg down to 45 degrees and drawing the left leg toward the chest. Switch legs. For and added challenge you may extend your arms toward the ceiling and lift the shoulder blades off the floor.

Congratulations! You’ve completed your workout and, most importantly, committed time toward your health and fitness goals. Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season!