Get outside this weekend and enjoy the great weather by competing in your own family Olympics! Create a flag for your “country”, wear a team uniform, and try some of these events.

Crab-Walk Sprint

  • Find a grassy area
  • Mark a start line with ribbon or rope and pace-off 10 long strides to create your racecourse
  • Get everyone down on all fours behind the start line with bellies facing up.
  • On the signal, everyone races to the finish line while doing the crabwalk
  • Your entire body must cross the line

Frisbee Discus Throw

  • Create a throwing line in the grass
  • Competitors “throw” the frisbee from the throwing line.
  • See who can throw frisbee the farthest

Paper Airplane Javelin Throw

  • Find a grassy area
  • Mark a throwing line with a ribbon, rope, or article of clothing
  • Each competitor makes a paper airplane
  • Competitors throw their paper airplanes as far as they can from the throwing line

Hopping Hurdles

  • Mark a start line and pace-off fifteen long strides to the finish line
  • Stretch lengths of ribbon, rope, sticks, sporting equipment, etc. across the racecourse at five, eight, and eleven paces as hurdles
  • On the signal, competitors race together through the hurdle course
  • Competitors can run between hurdles, but they must plant both feet and “hop” over each hurdle


  • Set up some buckets or other obstacles along the driveway or sidewalk and draw a path with sidewalk chalk to show kids how to weave around them and back to the finish line
  • Can use bike, skateboard, scooter, etc.
  • Have each complete the course separately, timing them as they go​