We’ve all had to adapt to huge changes in our daily/weekly routines. But this shouldn’t put a damper on your physical activity. Think about it for just a moment, how determined we are to stay active. First, we’ve had to improvise our workouts with things we have around the house, instead of not having access to all the equipment. Second, remember why you started your fitness journey! Remember all the amazing physical and mental benefits you can get from staying active!

Let’s use this current situation as motivation to challenge yourself, practice self control, workout, and keep yourself active! I have a few tips that can help you stay motivated! Remember we’re all in this together! ~ Viviana Gamboa, FitRec Personal Trainer

Motivation Tips

• Workout at times you would normally workout ~ This helps keep you on a consistent schedule. Its easy to fall out of a routine!
• Create a dedicated space to workout in ~ Make this area your workout zone. It’s hard to stay motivated if your zone happens to be where you sleep and suddenly a nap is on your mind!
• Create a vision board ~ Write down your goals and look at them daily! This can help keep you motivated and on track!
• Use your favorites ~ Have a favorite pair of workout shoes? Put them on! Play some of your favorite music! Use your favorite things to spice up your workout! it’ll keep you motivated for sure!
• Use equipment that you have or use items from around the house ~ Add variety to your workout by using that bag of flour as weight! If you don’t add intensity to your workout you will not feel engaged in it!
• Exercise outside whenever possible ~ There are so many mental health benefits from exercising outside!
• Stay in contact with friends ~ Share what you have been doing and your progress! You can also challenge one another to help stay motivated!

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