The Home Stretch – Tips for Homeschooling

Although the school year has looked a little different for students, we are still approaching the end of the year before summer break. Motivation might be a little lower, so here are some tips and reminders that families may have been using during the beginning of stay-at-home orders but can be helpful to revisit a couple of months into this new classroom setting. These can help students & parents finish the school year strong!​

​Know Your Kid

Different kids will do best in different learning environments. If your child learns better in groups, try a Zoom study session with a fellow classmate. Let independent learners self-regulate and reach out when they need help; check in regularly with learners who may need more hands-on guidance.

Set Up Designated Space and Time For Learning

Kids may need to move around during the day, but one or two designated areas for learning can help keep focus. Have your kids pack up their materials into a basket or bag, so they can put them aside when they’re finished.

Same goes for time. While it’s good to have a general daily routine, you can also be flexible. It’s OK to let your kids sleep in a little later than normal. Know that the whole day won’t be filled with schoolwork. Shoot for two to four good academic hours instead.

This is a Good Time For Passion Projects

This is a good time for kids to pursue interests they haven’t had time to focus on in the past. It could be cooking, building in Minecraft, or drawing. Bonus: If it’s something they’re truly interested in, you won’t have to bug them to do it.

Check Out Free E-Books

Many libraries are closing, but online resources remain available. Check Libby, Kanopy, SimplyE and Hoopla to get free resources with your library card. Even though it may not be a class assignment, reading is a great way to keep kids engaged – especially if they get to choose the topic they’re reading about.

Teach Them Life Skills

This is the perfect opportunity to start teaching your kids new life skills. They can learn how to help out around the house. Have them help with daily chores like doing the dishes, folding laundry, or helping make lunch/dinner. This can give them a sense of accomplishment and guide them to being more independent.

Get Physical

With kids kept indoors more than usual, don’t forget to provide plenty of play time. Some ideas include:  walks/hikes, bike rides, playing soccer or catch in the yard, dance or yoga YouTube videos, or gardening.

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