Attention lap swimmers, it’s back!  Sign up with a FitRec lifeguard for “The Big Swim” at FitRec.  The friendly competition runs the entire month of October (1-31).

If you sign up, you will keep track of your laps every time you stop in and the top 20 with the highest score at the end of October will win a prize.

The idea is to provide a fun challenge to compete against your fellow FitRec lap swimmers and see how hard you can work over the course of a month.

Details for “The Big Swim”

– The sign-up sheet is on the clipboard with the lifeguard in the FitRec Aquatics Center.  Late sign-ups will be accepted.

– The results will be updated and posted every Monday.

– Each time you stop into FitRec to swim, you will tell the lifeguard how many laps you completed at the end of your swim and the result will be recorded.

– Any technique can be used.  There is a time limit of 1 hour per day to record your laps.  Any laps done outside of this timeframe will not count.

– The lap counting is on an honor system. It is not the duty of the lifeguard to count the participants laps, however if the guard feels the participant is giving false info they reserve the right to inform the supervisor.

– At the end of the month, the results will be totaled and the participants will be contacted.

For more information regarding “The Big Swim,” contact Ewan Gall at 708-608-4207 or via e-mail at