Mindful eating is a simple, yet impactful, tool to help you gain control over your eating habits by being more aware of your overall eating experience, hunger, satiety, triggers, senses and gratitude for the food in front of you. When stress is overwhelming and you find yourself eating too quickly or reaching for food to help you cope, take a moment to pause and appreciate the food in front of you.

Try these tips for slowing down during your next few meals, and see which work best for you. If you cannot remember what the 5-S steps are, just focus on eating slowly and savoring your meal, one bite at a time. ~ Shared by Sarah Young ~ FitRec Personal Trainer

  Always sit down when you eat. The act of sitting generally makes you eat at a slower pace compared to eating while standing. Be sure to not have the television on in front of you, because that is an automatic distraction.

Smile and Say Thanks:  Who does not feel good after they smile? By being appreciative of the food in front of you, you will approach the meal with a sense of gratitude, knowing that not everyone has easy access to food.

See:  Take a moment to look at your food. Look at all of the colors and textures of each ingredient in your meal.

Smell:  Can you notice different aromas and seasoning nuances to the meal in front of you?

Savor:  Focus on chewing slowly and savoring each bite of the meal in front of you. Try to challenge yourself by chewing each bite at least 20 seconds. Do not pick up another bite of food until after you swallow your current bite. It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to realize you are full, the act of eating slowly can leave you feeling less rushed and more satisfied with your meals.

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