Effective September 1, 2019, the Health, Fitness & Recreation Center (FitRec) will be adjusting some of the membership prices as well as some of its membership policies. This is just the second time since the building opened in March 2014 that FitRec has adjusted some of its membership prices. These changes are necessary to help provide our members and guests with the best possible equipment, programs, services and staff. The following membership types will be affected by these upcoming changes:  Breakfast Club, Community, Cyclone, Military and Seniors.  In addition, there will be price increases to the price of daily guest passes and KidRec drop-off rates and first child rates. The details for all of the price adjustments are listed below.


New rates (effective Sept. 1, 2019)

Membership Type                  Monthly/1-Month

Breakfast Club                              $30/$37


Community Member                  $55/$65


Cyclone                                         $38/$45


Military                                        $40/$47


Seniors                                          $40/$47


Guest Passes                                $14 Community/$10 MVCC affiliated or child


KidRec Drop-Off                       $5 Drop-off rate/$14 First child monthly rate


A couple of membership policy changes that will also take effect on September 1 are reducing Breakfast Club access hours to 9:00 am (checking in by 8:30 am) Monday through Friday and adding a new change fee of $40 for each change made to a family membership.

If you have any questions regarding these upcoming changes, please contact our Membership Services desk at (708) 608-4486.

Thank you for being a valued customer at the Health, Fitness & Recreation Center!