This is a workout that you can honestly use whatever you have lying around the house! So bottles of water, soup cans, dumbbells, your cat, your dog, a bag of flour are all options and more. Perform each exercise for the listed sets and time. Then do your bout of cardio, followed by the next exercise. To kick it up to another level, you can add a bout of cardio in between each set if you would like! Take breaks as needed and make sure your staying hydrated! Follow our Trainer Tidbit series for more healthy information!  ~ Joshua Szopinski, FitRec Personal Trainer

Shoulder Press ~ 3 x 30 seconds ~ Feet hip width apart, lift both arms above your head and lower down to shoulder level leaving a small bend in the elbows.

High Knees ~ 30 seconds ~ Feet about hip width apart. Bring your right knee up to hip level or as close to it as possible. lower back down and switch sides. Choose your speed for this and pump your arms for more intensity.

Front Raise ~ 3 x 30 seconds ~ Feet start hip width apart, arms are slightly in front of you. With elbows slightly bent lift your weight directly in front of you, up to shoulder level. Slowly lower back down to starting position. Make sure you stand tall throughout this exercise!

Kickbacks ~ 30 seconds ~Feet start at hip width apart. Slowly bend your knee behind you, bringing your foot almost to your glute or let it touch your glute. Switch sides and pump your arms while maintaining your desired intensity.

Reverse Fly ~ 3 x 30 seconds ~ Feet start at hip width apart, and a light bend in your knees. Hinge forward from the hip (your chest is almost parallel to the floor) and bring the weights to your sides (like a T). Make sure there is a slight bend in your elbows during the whole time. Lower back down so the weights are together and in front of you.

March/Walk In Place ~30 seconds

Jackknife ~ 3 x 30 seconds ~ Lie on the floor with a 90-degree bend in the knees. Lift your legs till your shins are parallel to the floor while also slightly lifting your chest making sure your lower shoulder blades are touching the floor. On the way up bring the weight over your head to tap your knees.

High Knees ~ 30 seconds

Squats ~ 3 x 30 seconds ~Bring feet a little over hip width apart. Keeping the chest up and back straight, lower your hips to the floor while making sure your knees do not go past your toes (almost like sitting in a chair). When your thighs are parallel to the floor slowly push off the floor and return to a standing position. Your weights are held at your sides throughout the exercise.

Kickbacks ~ 30 seconds

Calf Raises ~ 3 x 30 seconds ~ Stand with feet about hips width apart. Slowly and carefully lift your heels off the ground going into a tip toe position. Lower back down to the starting position. Weight is held in your hands towards your side.

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