I would choose gymnastic rings in a heartbeat! Gymnastic rings (or simply rings) may seem daunting at first, but you do not need to be a gymnast to be able to use rings. Other than pure bodyweight, rings are the most versatile piece of gym equipment out there. This underrated equipment is very cheap to buy and even easier to set up. Don’t forget to keep checking in with our Trainer Tidbit series for more health related info! ~ Melvin Germino – FitRec Personal Trainer

You could say that the TRX is even based off rings. Although the TRX seems to be more widespread in commercial gyms. I think that rings are vastly superior because anything you can do with a TRX, you can do with rings (and you can do way more exercises with rings). There is also a misconception that you can’t workout your legs with rings, but this is simply untrue. for these exercises I will provide basic ring positions. Try 2-3 sets of 10 reps.

The ring support hold is a fundamental ring position that should be mastered first. It looks easy enough, right? But this is much harder than it looks. Since the rings are independent of each other, this forces us to stabilize our shoulders to maintain the body as one whole unit.

Just try to hold this position for 30 seconds and prevent your body from wobbling. The ring support hold will challenge these muscles: triceps, biceps, forearms, shoulders, chest, trapezius (all 3), and core. Push-ups are one of the most important exercises to anyone’s arsenal. Try performing this exercise with rings and see how much more challenging it becomes. This exercise will demand shoulder stabilization and will be harder due to the extended range of motion.

With the rings lowered, try getting into a push-up position (this in itself can be challenging). When in the position, extend your elbows so that you are almost pushing off the rings. Slowly lower yourself to the starting position.

L – Sit – Start in the ring support hold and lift your legs slowly in front of you. Then hold that position for 30 seconds! This exercise demands shoulder stability, tricep strength, and straight leg strength; not to mention, it requires immense core strength and control.

If it’s too hard, try for 15 seconds and build up to 30 seconds. Hamstring curls with rings – is another underrated exercise, this exercise is actually very similar to the bicep curls, but you will be curling at your knees instead. Use the
additional strap that comes with the rings and fasten it so that your feet are supported by the rings.

Begin with your feet off the ground. Slowly engage the glutes and the core. While bending the knees, bring your feet downward while trying to lift your back upward. This exercise will focus on your hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

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