The FitRec Bench Competition returns on March 24, 2022.  Register now and compete against your peers!  See event details below and plans to be a part of the fun!

Event:  FitRec Bench Press Competition

Event Date:  Thursday, March 24, 2022

Time:  6 – 9 pm (Weigh-in Time will be from 3-5 pm that day, no exceptions)

Who Can Participate:  Anyone 14 years of age or older can compete.  Anyone 14, 15, 16 or 17 years of age must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian at least 18 years old to compete.

Location:  Court 1 in Gymnasium, Moraine Valley Community College FitRec, 9000 W College Parkway, Palos Hills, IL 60465

Cost: $15 for FitRec members and MVCC students, MVCC faculty/staff or FitRec staff/ $20 for Non-Members (prices will increase by $5 for everyone on day of event)

Registration:  Stop by Membership Services, using the Register Online button (upper left corner of page) or register using the FitRec Account app (blue and white one).  Please register by Thursday, March 10, to receive an event t-shirt.

Interested in Volunteering:  We are looking for volunteers to help conduct this special event.  If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the online form found here.  Volunteers will need to attend a volunteer meeting on Monday, March 21 from 5-6 pm in room 177A at FitRec.

Event Rules, Format & Conduct

  • Non-member spectators are required to check-in with FitRec staff; no fee is required to observe this event, but non-member spectators are required to wear a designated wristband and are restricted to the event area only
  • Weigh-ins MUST be completed on the day of the event between 3-5pm at the Weigh-In table. No early or late weigh-ins will be performed; therefore if a competitor doesn’t weigh in between 3-5, he/she forfeits competing in the event
  • Warm-up begins 30 minutes before competition at 5:30pm
  • Registration is accepted online or in-person at our Membership Desk; except part-time MVCC students without a FitRec membership who must register in-person at our Membership Desk.
  • Awards ceremony will begin immediately after competition ends or however long it takes the judges to determine the winners.
  • For questions or concerns, please contact Ellen Papan at 708-608-4029 or contact FitRec directly at 708-608-4000 Ext. 3 and speak with a Building Manager.

Player Eligibility

  • Participants can include currently enrolled MVCC college students, active members of FitRec and/or community non-members.
  • Participants must be 14 years of age or older.
  • Participants 14, 15, 16 and 17 years of age are required to have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian prior to the start of the event.  The waiver is available for signature at our Membership Services Dept.  Minors without a signed waiver, will NOT be able to participate and will forfeit their fee.
  • In order to participate all individuals MUST pay the fee in full based on their status (student, member or non-member)
  • Participants will be asked to present, on the day of the event at Membership/Welcome Desk, their active MVCC Student ID, Active Fitrec Membership Key Tag or Driver’s License/State ID/High School ID for identification purposes.


  • The formula used to determine the winners will be
    • Weight pressed/body weight = adjusted % value.  Example: 260/144.5 = 179.93%
  • Trophies will be given to the top male and female OVERALL Winners.
  • Medals will be given to the first  place male and female in each WEIGHT CLASS.
  • Overall male and female winners will be pulled out of his/her weight class division to prevent a double win.
  • Judges will be appointed by the Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness Service.  These judges will be in absolute control of the lifting portion of the event.  For other decisions and rulings not outlined in our Bench Press Competition Rules, the Director of Campus Recreation makes any and all final decisions.

Weight Classes

  • Competition will be divided into men’s and women’s divisions with the following weight classes (note ALL classes are subject to change based on the number of entries in each division:
    • Male (6 categories)
      • 148lbs & under
      • 149-165lbs
      • 166-182lbs
      • 200-216lbs
      • 217lbs and above
    •  Female (3 categories)
      • 129lbs & under
      • 130-149lbs
      • 150lbs & over
  • Participants must compete in their weight class if there are at least three other participants in that same class.  If there are less than three participants signed up for a weight class, those participants may be required to compete in the next higher weight class.
  • Each participant’s official weight will be determined on the day of the tournament during weigh-in and measured to the tenth of the pound (xxx.x pounds)

Equipment and Clothing

  • The competition will use a scale, bench, bar and weights supplied by FitRec
  • All lifters must wear athletic shoes- cleats, construction boots, open/heel/toe shoes will NOT be permitted.
  • Participants are required to dress in recreation attire. No excessively loose fitting clothes may be worn and shirts must be tucked in
  • Weight belts and wrist wraps will be permitted
  • Chalk is allowed and will be provided by FitRec.
  • Power lifting grips and gloves will NOT be permitted.
  • Any question about equipment or attire must be addressed during weigh-in only.  If a lifter competes wearing or using any item that is illegal or not approved, the lifter will lose credit for that lift and may be disqualified from the competition.

Lifting Procedures

  • Each lifter will have three (3) attempts
  • Lifters will declare the weight of their first attempt during weigh-ins.  The weights for their second and third attempts must be submitted within one minute of completing the preceding attempt.
    • The weight submitted for the first attempt may be changed one time. The change may take place at any time up to five minutes before the start of the competition.
    • The weight submitted for the second attempt may not be changed.
    • The weight submitted for the third attempt may be changed as many times as the lifter desires as long as his/her name has not been called to lift
  • The bar will be loaded progressively on the principle of a rising bar.  At no time will the bar be reduced except for errors made by the competition staff.
  • The lifting order will be determined by the lifter’s choice of weight per attempt.  When multiple lifters are attempting the same weight, the order will be determined by body weight.
  • Whether successful or unsuccessful with an attempt, a lifter must wait until all other competitors have completed the round before attempting next weight.
  • If the equipment becomes disarranged during an attempt and the attempt is successful, the attempt will be accepted.  If the attempt is unsuccessful, the lifter may be granted a further attempt at the same weight.
  • Index fingers must be in contact with the knurl markers for lift to be considered legal.
  • NO reverse or suicide grips allowed.

Before the Lift

  • Spotters will be designated by FitRec
  • If a lifter prefers to use their own spotter, that spotter needs to check in with FitRec Staff and sign a FitRec waiver (if not a member of the FitRec).
  • Collars must always be used for each lift
  • The lifter must lie with their head, shoulders, and buttocks in contact with the bench surface.  The elected position of the buttocks shall be maintained throughout the attempt.
  • Feet must be in contact with the floor and remain in the same position throughout the lift.
  • Competitor will be called to the bench with the audible command ”BAR IS READY,” which means you are up and you have 1 minute to get in position.

During the Lift

  • The lift-off must be to arm’s length and not down to the chest.  After receiving the bar at arm’s length, the lifter shall lower the bar to the chest and await the head judge’s signal.
  • The signal will be the audible command “PRESS” and will be given as soon as the bar is motionless on the chest.
  • After the signal to “PRESS” has been given, the bar should be pressed upward and elbows must be locked out.   The lifter will press the bar to straight-arm’s length and hold it motionless until the audible command “RACK” is given.  The bar may move horizontally and may stop during the ascent, but may not move downward toward the chest.
  • The following will result in the disqualification of a lift.
    • Failure to observe the judge’s signals at the commencement or completion of the lift.
    • Any change in the elected lifting positions or the raising of the buttocks off the bench.
    • Lateral movement of the hands
    • Excessive movement or change of contact of the feet
    • Bouncing the bar off the chest
    • Allowing the bar to sink into the chest after receiving the referee’s signal
    • Pronounced uneven extension of the arms during or at the completion of the lift
    • Any downward motion of the bar during the course of being pressed (lockout must be present)
    • Contact with the bar by the spotters between the referee’s signals
    • Deliberate contact between the bar and the bench supports during the lift
    • Index fingers NOT in contact with the knurl markers