We had an awesome turnout last night for the 2nd Annual Bench Press Competition. Thank you to all those who came out and gave it their all. Below are the scores from each weight class.

Congratulations to our overall male and female winners:

Female Winner: Lisa Passas from the 130-149 weight class, final score of .84, max weight of 120
Male Winner: Jamal Hamad from the 166-182 weight class, final score of 2.01, max weight of 365

2017 Bench Press Competition

Weight ClassNameScoreMax Weight
Male 148 & Under
1st Place - Laith Elhaj1.81250
2nd Place - Paolo Jimenez1.24175
3rd Place - Ibrahim Burhan1.07150
Male 149-1651st Place - Oskar Chytla1.84275
2nd Place - Justin Oldenstedt1.48240
3rd Place - Raymundo Navarro1.41230
Male 166-182Male Overall Winner - Jamal Hamad 2.01365
1st Place - Daniel Herrera1.72295
2nd Place - Kevin Bitinas1.65275
Male 183-1991st Place - Motaz Abderrhman1.81335
2nd Place - Cody Karanosky1.66325
3rd Place - Jacob Forgue1.46285
Male 200-2161st Place - Tyler Videka1.80385
2nd Place - Jan Gut1.51325
3rd Place - Phillip Powers1.23265
Male 217 & Up1st Place - Jason Demas1.60370
2nd Place - Darren Cooper1.58375
3rd Place - Arturo Carrillo1.16320
Female 130-149Female Overall Winner - Lisa Passas0.84120
1st Place - Caroline Wysocki0.75100
2nd Place - Gabriele Schweig0.73105

Check back soon for pictures from the event.