Dear FitRec Family,

During this time of uncertainty, it is our priority at FitRec to aid our members in staying fit and healthy. While our doors are closed, we will be providing you with an online platform to keep you healthy and active while at home. Let us introduce you to “Wellness Wealth,” where you will be able to find workouts, fitness and nutrition tips, and a wealth of other knowledge from our talented team of personal trainers and fitness instructors.

This new platform, along with our existing “Trainer Tidbit” and “FitRec Family Focus” will be updated frequently to keep you engaged at home.  See below for today’s installment.


FitRec is more than a place to workout. It’s a place where friends come together to have fun while helping each other reach their goals. In the spirit of friendship and fun, we’d like to introduce our newest interactive venture… Collaborative Playlists!

Each Monday, we will post a question; such as, “What’s your favorite song?” in our MVCC FitRec Group Fitness Facebook group. You comment on the post with the song title and artist of your choice. We will compile the playlist on Spotify, then on Friday of that same week, we will post it. Use this collaborative playlist on your run, bike ride, hike, whatever you do to get moving. Each song represents a friend from FitRec who is there to support and encourage you from a distance.

Each playlist will be at least an hour long. Please keep in mind, these are songs to exercise to so choose ones that have a good tempo for moving! Also, watch your language! 😉

If you haven’t already, follow MVCC FitRec on Facebook and Instagram for daily tips, exercises, motivation and more! You can also join the Facebook group, MVCC FitRec Group Fitness, for up-to-date details on virtual classes, online challenges and all other FitRec online programming. Our FitRec online community is here to support everyone during these challenging times!

If you would like to see older installments of our Wellness Wealth page, please click HERE