Congrats Bernadette!!

How long have you worked at FitRec?
I’ve been working at FitRec since we opened. I started at the old gym and helped with the transition to the new facility. 

What are your positions at FitRec?
Currently I am a Fitness Floor Supervisor and Event Manager. I’ve also been a swim instructor, an intramural supervisor and a rec monitor. 

What are you in school for?
I am in the Meeting Planning and Travel Planning program here at Moraine. My goal is to be a Meeting and Events Coordinator. 

What is something not many people know about you?
I’m a really artsy person. I love painting and photography. I’ve been in numerous shows and have received awards for my work as well. 

How has working here helped your career development?
Working here has helped me grow in so many areas. I have become comfortable with professional communications and dealing with customer concerns and have realized the importance of communication on all levels. 

What is your favorite moment so far at FitRec?
I don’t have a single favorite. Every experience here has been unique and special in its own way. One moment that stands out is when I was a swim instructor. I had a pre school student that was extremely uncomfortable with his father leaving and never wanted to be in the pool. He cried every lesson for the entire lesson. On the fourth one the boy ran up to the pool and reached for me to come into the water. He didn’t look for his father a single time and he was smiling and laughing for the entire lesson. It was such a proud moment for me because I was able to help him be comfortable not only with me but in the pool as well. Watching him play and finally be comfortable was so gratifying and it’s something I’ll remember for a long time. 

What would your ideal day look like?
I’m not usually a morning person but I’d want to get up early, go out on my patio and enjoy a cup of tea or two while it’s still quiet out. Maybe read a little. Being outside is really therapeutic and relaxing for me so I’d likely spend my entire day out there. I’d tend to my plants and relax and spend time with my family while my dad had the grill going. My mom, sisters and I would have made various snacks, treats and desserts for us to enjoy throughout the day and everyone would just be able to relax and enjoy good food and wonderful company. 

Are you a Cubs or Sox fan?
Bears! I don’t particularly like baseball. I enjoy going to Wrigley but growing up I’ve always been at Sox park. I’ve got a lot more memories there so if I have to pick, I’d say Sox. 

What’s one song you could listen to over and over and never get sick of?
‘Stand By You’ by Rachel Platten