Ever just want some music playing in the background that can be calming and doesn’t really distract you from what you are doing? Are you one of those people (like myself) that cannot work/cook/stretch unless there is some sort of music playing in the background? Or maybe you heard of a wonderful trainer tidbit “Meditation for Better Sleep” or “Take a Deep Breath” and needed a little extra something to go along with it?

Looking for something with a beat for your workout? There are a lot of options out there and they range from apps to paid subscriptions. But if you check out Youtube there are a lot of free options that you can listen to! In this tidbit, I’ve listed a few that I have used and also recommended to my friends (who also loved them). Also keep checking in to Trainer Tidbit for more healthy information! ~ Joshua Szopinski ~ FitRec Personal Trainer

Cafe Music BGM Channel ~


This Channel has a lot of variety from Smooth Jazz, Hawaiian Guitar, Cafe music, and way more! What’s really cool is that they make their own music! You can also find them on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. They’re videos go for a few hours but the music they make is very calming or just puts you in a good mood in general! One of my favorites and I use a lot of their music when I stretch! Check out there vast array of music and live streams!

Chillhop Music ~


If you have never heard of Chillhop music, don’t worry because it is a fairly new genre that is slowly picking up steam! ChillHop is a mixture of low-tempo beat-driven electronic music that retains elements that seem familiar because it tends to blend Dub/Reggae, Hip Hop, and Jazz into its music! It’s actually nice lounging music or something to have on a rainy day. Chillhop releases a season video that has a lot of different artists on it, which is great to see who is up and coming in the genre! You can also find them on Spotify and Apple Music!

The Grand Sound ~


If your a fan of techno music, you really need to check this channel out! The Grand Sound is actually partnered with 65 record labels, not only that but they have years of experience in curating and mixing music! If they do not have a live stream going try listening to their videos as the music they share is really good! They can also be found on Spotify!

Jam House ~


This is a channel I only found recently and am fairly happy with it! If you like Rock/Underground rock you might want to check it out! It features artists that are not signed up with any record company. But this channel features various different kinds of rock, so give them a listen and see if you like something!

OCB Relax Music ~


OCB (One Continuous Breath) is a relaxing music series. They can be found on
Apple Music and Amazon as well! The music they have is very slow and relaxing. It can be used for a great deal of activities such as meditation, yoga, studying and etc. I use it to help me sleep if I am having a hard time, the gentle piano is very soothing to me!

Soothing Relaxation ~


Is another channel to check into if you want some calming piano music. The artist composes the music himself with the goal of having viewers relax and feel inspired. With the gentle piano playing, I don’t see how anyone couldn’t relax listening to this.

Lounge Music ~


This channel literally is what it says, but it has a collection of fun music focusing along the lines of jazz. Upbeat melodies and also slow tempos can be found on this channel, it’s surprising how many different types of jazz are out there! Thankfully there is a vast amount of music that is available to everyone in different capacities! While this only touches on a couple of genres, hopefully it will give you a chance to experience a different type of genre you didn’t think about before!

Music always has a different effect on people depending on what the needs of the individual are, and maybe this added a little more variety to your repertoire. Let your favorite music aid in your workout, help you sleep, or even help study! Try out the channels I mentioned and if you have any recommendations of your own, please share in the comments of our social media!

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