stem-horiz-color-logo The STEM Expo features hands-on learning and exploration through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The STEM Expo at Moraine Valley Community College is designed to showcase what makes a STEM education rewarding and powerful.

At the STEM Expo student participants

  • Explore the mathematics, science and technology behind familiar and new situations
  • Learn about a multitude of STEM career possibilities
  • Have fun as they experience hands-on learning on a broad range of STEM topics

Participating schools are encouraged to bring their diverse students – from students already extremely interested in STEM to students that may have never considered a career in STEM.

The upcoming STEM Expo takes place Friday, April 17, 2020 at Moraine Valley Community College. Currently, the Expo targets local 7th graders. Schools interested in attending with their 7th graders should contact the STEM Center. To get insight into what to expect with this year’s events, visit our STEM Center.

Past STEM Expo Session Topics

Nature Study Area Scavenger Hunt & Tour
Biological Explorations
Explore Earth Science
Dive into Marine Biology
Brain Games
Tour of the Human Body
Surface Chemistry
Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions, Mick and Food Color Experiment
Extraction of DNA from a Strawberry
Skeletons, Specimens, Slides and Other Selections from the Biology Lab
Human Cadaver Demonstration
The Magic of Chemistry!
Build a Winogradsky Column
Interactions with Animals
Charge! Electricity and Magnetism
Light and Color
Wind Turbine Competition
Physics Wonderland
Moraine Valley Nursing Student for a Day
KidRec Fit Minds and Bodies
Increasing Self Efficacy
Particle Accelerators
Sensation and Perception

Encryption/Cyber Security
LEGO Stop Motion Moviemaking
Deep Sea Adventure: Programming in Small Basic
Snap Circuits
Create a Meme
Minecraft HTML

Engineering Design and Build
Building a Better Battery
Car Build and Race
LEGO Robotics

Bungee Barbie and Kamikaze Ken
Small Business Profitability
Logical Thinking and Problem Solving
Build-A-Code Workshop
Intro to Chaos Theory! Why Randomness Ain’t Always Random

Questions about the upcoming STEM Expo?

Thank you to our corporate sponsor, ComEd

STEM Expo Presenters

Our Moraine Valley STEM faculty are key to the success of this event. They work hard to develop hands-on and engaging STEM activities that are fun and accessible to seventh graders.

We are also extremely grateful to our external participants and presenters that add value and a diversity of experiences to the event.

Our external participants/presenters include: Argonne National Laboratories, Children’s Museum of Oak Lawn, ComEd, HS District 214 & 220, FSX Chicago Flight School, Joey FineRhyme, Moraine Valley FitRec, KidRec and Valley Learning Center