The Democracy Commitment and Student Life are co-hosting voter registration drives on campus on February 28 and February 29! For more information on how to register to vote – either on campus, online, or by mail – please see below:

Voter Registration Information

  • To find out if you are registered to vote, use this link.
  • To register online, use this link (need to request at least 16 days prior to election).
  • To request to vote by mail, use this link (need to request at least 27 days prior to election).
  • To find out where you vote in person in Illinois, use this link: Find My Polling Place

Voter Registration and Identification Information
Illinois voter registration information, election day hours, early voting and absentee voting: Register online until 16 days before election, by mail 27 days before election, in person at election office or same day registration; must have resided in precinct for at least 30 days in which you intend to vote.

When Voters Do (And Don’t) Need Identification (ID): This site will let you know in what circumstances you would need to present ID and what forms of identification are accepted.

Learn About Who You Can Vote For:
Who’s on my ballot? has a tab that allows you to type in your address to find out all of your candidates for various offices in the upcoming Illinois Primary election.

Your Vote Could Determine Who Wins:
Why Every Vote Matters — The Elections Decided By A Single Vote (Or A Little More)

This event repeats on the following days: