Placement tests are required before registering for 12 credit hours or for English composition (above COM-085) or mathematics (above MTH-090) classes. Students may be exempt from placement testing based on previous college credit or ACT scores. Students must complete the admissions form before taking placement tests.

Students will use a computer in the Testing Center to complete the ACCUPLACER test. Get help with one of our workshops.

Two day workshops get you pointed in the right direction:

  • Familiarize yourself with the placement test
  • Obtain a personalized study path program
  • Better your scores in English and math

All students must attend the first session to be admitted to the second session. First sessions present an assessment that will serve as a study tool to help prepare you for the placement tests. This assessment also helps determine how we can better serve you in the second day of the workshop.

All sessions are held in Building G, Room 111

Accuplacer Workshop RSVP

This event repeats on the following days: