We’re Delighted You’re Here

Welcome to first day of spring semester and the first edition of Moraine Valley Counselor E-News – the email newsletter – just for counselors – designed to deliver information vital to ensuring your high school students receive the quality education they deserve, in the most affordable way possible.

We’ll be updating you every few months with highlighted programs, campus happenings, important dates and deadlines, and much more to help you support your students’ experience at Moraine Valley.

Once again, welcome to our Moraine Valley family – happy reading!

Moraine Valley Turns 50

The college is celebrating our 50th anniversary this year and we invite you to share in our excitement! View fun photos from all five decades when we have served our community. Be sure to check out the list of upcoming events.

High School Open House

Be sure to invite your students to Moraine Valleys’ spring Open House. They’ll learn about our programs, meet faculty members, take a tour, and more.

New Counselors Page – A Resource Just for You!

Check out the new High School Counselors page on our website, which features information to help you as you work with students who are considering starting their college experience at Moraine Valley. We’ve included some of the most popular programs high school students ask about, as well as links to forms the students may need. This is also where you can request that a Moraine Valley rep come to your school.

“Agree to Degree” Helps Students Succeed

There’s nothing like the feeling of working hard and finishing something you began. Moraine Valley’s Agree to Degree initiative encourages students to complete their degree or certificate program so they can experience this and, more importantly, increase their chance of finding a job or getting accepted into the four-year college of their choice.

We’ll encourage your students to sign our Agree to Degree pledge saying they’ll attend class, work toward good grades, meet with an advisor, and complete their degree or certificate program. We also ask our faculty and staff members to sign a pledge stating they’ll help all students be successful.

The Agree to Degree initiative has been a great success! At our last graduation, we awarded 3,046 degrees and certificates. Have your students commit to achieving their goals, so they also can walk across the stage at graduation and receive their diploma. Tell them to “Agree to Degree”!

Scholarships Make College Possible, for Everyone

In addition to Moraine Valley’s already exceptionally valued education there are hundreds of scholarships available to make your students’ education even more affordable. Yes, you read it right.

Plus, the Moraine Valley Foundation alone offers over 60 scholarships awarded at an average of $1,200 annually to each of its scholarship recipients. Your students might be eligible for a scholarship based on their major, transfer school, grade point average, age, gender, and/or financial need.

High school students who are in the top 10 percent of their graduating class are eligible for the college’s Distinguished Scholar Award, which entitles them to free in-district tuition. Make sure to review these opportunities with your students and check out our high school counselors resource page – dedicated to assisting you in answering your students’ vital questions.

Scholarship applications open in January each academic year, so mark your calendar and learn more.

Save the Date

Parents and guardians can attend a special orientation program. Let your students who are planning to attend Moraine Valley in the fall 2017 semester know that their family members are invited to the Parent and Family Orientation that will be held on Thursday, April 13 at 6 p.m. Attendees will receive information about how they can support their student before and after the student’s New Student Orientation.