Curbside Pickup

Regular Curbside Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

The college bookstore is open for online ordering services only. Students can order online through the Bookstore.

Textbook/course material will be shipped free of charge or picked-up at curbside in Building D parking lot. Order your books online and choose curbside pickup. Please allow 24 hours before picking up at the curbside. When you arrive at Building D curbside parking lot pull up by the curbside. A staff member will meet you outside. During Curbside services, please remain in your car.

Contact the Bookstore at or (708) 608-4074.

The Moraine Valley Bookstore is committed to giving students the best possible prices on college textbooks. It offers new, used and digital textbooks and has a rental program, price-match guarantee, book buyback and gift card giveaways during peak purchasing periods. Books, apparel and gifts also can be ordered online with free shipping or pick up in the store, located in Building D.

Textbook Swap

In order to help students save money on books, the Bookstore and Student Government Association teamed up to develop Textbook Swap, an online swap or exchange site just for Moraine Valley students. After creating an account, students can list a textbook, and if another student is interested in obtaining that textbook, he/she can send a message through Moraine Valley email. All textbook swaps or exchanges are handled entirely between the two students. It’s a great way to save money and easily trade textbooks!

Textbook Requisitions/Adoptions

Textbook adoptions (Faculty requisition) are done electronically and instructions are available at For login information, Faculty contact bookstore