Here are some helpful tips for high school seniors to help prepare for college. 








You’re almost there! As a senior, college is just around the corner. All your hard work and the good decisions you’ve made so far soon will pay off and help you get to your college destination.


Finish Strong

Got senioritis? It’s common to feel like relaxing a bit now that you’re in your final year of high school. But don’t let your hard work go to waste.

Some studies suggest that good grades in high school are a strong predictor of college success. Keep challenging yourself! Take pride in all you’ve done so far, and continue to shine in your senior year.

It’s your last year in high school, so enjoy it! Continue to stay involved in extracurricular activities. You’ll get to enjoy spending time with your friends while you develop talents and skills that can help you choose a career direction. Take on leadership positions, which look good on college applications and build your confidence. Also, volunteering is a great way to enhance your education and give back to your community. Keep track of your activities so you can list them on your college applications


Paying for your education is a real concern today, but there are many resources available to students who wish to attend college. Take some time and get familiar with websites like the Federal Student Aid site where you can find resources about loans, grants and scholarships.

Additionally, you can explore your perspective college to see what kind of additional scholarships and aid are available. 


Office of Financial Aid

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Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) Tuition Assistance

Career Connections is a free federally funded work readiness program where our mission is to prepare this target audience for the workforce.  Not only do we help prepare them for the workforce, provide job placement assistance, educational assistance, and Supportive Services (i.e. bus passes, gas cards, child care, books, lab fees, etc), participants may also be eligible to receive up to $8,000 in tuition assistance that can be applied toward numerous college classes, certificate, and degree programs are offered here at Moraine Valley Community College.

Career Connections Program

Learn more about programs that qualify for up to $8,000 in tuition assistance.


Have you chosen a career path? Knowing what direction you’d like to head can help you choose a college major. Consider job shadowing your family members and friends if they have a career that may interest you. Ask your counselor about interest assessments that can identify jobs that match your interests. Attend college and career events offered by your school or by Moraine Valley. Search online for ideas.


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Moraine Valley is a great place to start – to complete the first two year’s of a bachelor’s degree and transfer to a four-year university, to gain job skills training to land a good job in high-demand fields and to explore your options to make decisions about your future college and career goals.

Did You Know?

STEM and health care professions are projected to be the fastest-growing occupation fields through 2029. 


Community College vs. four-Year College

Sometimes, the hardest part about deciding which college to attend isn’t which degree to pursue, but rather which route to take to get there. Many students start their college search with the idea that a four-year university is their only option. For others, however, this decision requires much more consideration. Here are some tips that can help you determine what’s right for you.

  • College Classes

    Did you know that many of the classes you take in the first two years of college are the same no matter where you attend. These general education classes typically consist of math, English, composition, science, and humanities. You can complete these classes at your local community college and transfer them in as credits to a four-year institution for a fraction of the cost. 

  • Affordable (or Even Free) Tuition

    Student debt is a major concern among university graduates. In the United States, collective college debt equals over $1.5 trillion. Many high school graduates are opting for community college instead of a four-year university as a way of saving money or avoiding having to take out hefty loans to pay for their education. You may even qualify for Moraine Valley’s Distinguished Scholar Award, which gives you free tuition. 

  • Boost Your GPA

    Many high school students don’t realize the importance of earning good grades until it’s too late. Students with aspirations of college degrees can give themselves extra time to boost that GPA by attending community college for their general education classes. By doing well you may be able to develop an academic transcript that will allow you to transfer in down the line.

  • Careers from Associate Degrees

    While there are benefits to earning a bachelor’s degree, you don’t necessarily have to spend four years at a university to get a good job. While some fields require that you have a four-year degree, there are many careers in STEM, the trades, health care and more only require a certificate or two-year degree, which you can earn at a community college.


Come check out an open house or virtual tour of Moraine Valley and see everything we have to offer. Explore our program pages to learn more about our career programs and degrees or contact admissions for questions about getting started.