Noncredit classes include:

  • Valley Learning Center
  • Personal Enrichment and Leisure
  • Career Training
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Business Skills and Professional Development

Steps to register for noncredit classes

  1. Click Register for Noncredit Classes
  2. Once on the registration page, select "Click Here" on the upper right side of the screen.
  3. Under Admission Information, click Search, register and pay for non-credit classes.
  4. Fill in the information you know to help narrow your search. Click Submit.
  5. Your results are displayed. For a detailed description of the class, click Course Name and Title.
  6. This screen provides class information, such as Description, Meeting Information, Faculty Name, Supplies, and more. Click Close Window to return to your search results.
  7. To begin a new search, repeat steps 4-7.
  8. To select the class you want, check the box beside Course Name and Title of the course. Click Submit.
  9. Complete all information on the Personal Identification screen. The fields with red * are required. You must certify you are the person on this form by checking the box beside You Must Certify in Order to Proceed. When done, click Submit.a. Note: There are only a few required fields, so if there are 20 John Smiths already in the database, the system will prompt the prospective student for more unique data—such as Social Security Number or birth date—to verify that there isn’t currently a file for you in the system.
  10. The Additional Registration Info screen appears. This page is optional. To complete this form, select answers from the drop-down list. Otherwise, leave fields blank. Click Submit.
  11. The Pay for Classes screen appears. One required field is marked with a red *. Select a Payment Type from the drop-down list. Click Submit.
  12. Enter your credit/debit card information on the Electronic Card Entry screen. Fields with the red * are required. Complete required fields. Click Submit.
  13. The Class/Payment Confirmation screen appears acknowledging your registration was successful. Click OK.
  14. You will see a Registration and Payment Confirmation message. An email confirmation also will be sent to your e-mail address.