CyCyclones replaced Marauders as Moraine Valley’s nickname and mascot in 1998.

Almost 200 suggestions for a new nickname and mascot were received from college employees and students during the spring of 1997 as part of the Name Game competition. The five finalists, Coyotes, Cyclones, Falcons, Hawks, and Wildcats, were determined by a task force of staff members and students, including coaches and athletes.

However, the all-campus vote to decide the winner in May of 1997 ended in a tie between Cyclones and Hawks. A tie-breaker vote was held in the fall of 1997, and the winner was announced as part of the college’s 30th anniversary celebration in February of 1998.

“The college wanted a more contemporary image for its athletics teams, and the college’s 30th anniversary gave us a unique opportunity to involve students and staff in the process,” said Bill Finn, athletics director. “I think our student-athletes have enjoyed the new image.”

The name Cyclones was suggested by Patrick Hannigan, a Moraine Valley student-athlete who played soccer for the college during the team’s 1995 and 1996 seasons.