• Dr. Jeffrey McCully

    Throughout the last six years, Dr. Jeffrey McCully, Assistant Professor of Sociology, has championed not only LGBTQ+ causes, but those of the numerous minorities on campus and for that has earned this year’s Embracing Diversity Award. Since being hired in 2012, McCully has been advisor to the ¡GASP! club as well as a voice for […]

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  • Souzan Naser

    The words are different in each language, “onelijkheid,” “utofauti,” “niejednakowosc,” “diversita,” or “rozmanitost.” But they all mean the same thing—diversity. Souzan Naser, this year’s Embracing Diversity Award recipient, is no stranger to diversity in any sense of the word. Those who nominated Naser, Counselor, for the award said, “The omnipresent passion to help move this […]

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