The purpose of the Alumni Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor alumni of Moraine Valley Community College who have made significant contributions in their professional endeavors and have excelled in their respective fields, community leadership, or have made a specific service or contribution to Moraine Valley Community College.

Eligibility for Nomination

  • Nominees must be graduates of Moraine Valley Community College, earned a degree or certificate, or have earned 30 credit hours at Moraine Valley Community College
  • Nominees are first eligible for selection 10 years from the date of their last registered class.
  • If selected, the nominee agrees to be present to accept the award at the Alumni Hall of Fame Reception to be held in Feb. 2020.
  • If selected, the nominee agrees to return to campus at least once within the year preferably the day of the Hall of Fame, (in addition to accepting the award) to be a guest speaker and/or participate in a student engagement activity as well as participate in college Hall of Fame publicity activities.

Nomination Process

  • There is no restriction on who may submit a nomination but a nominee must be nominated by someone other than himself or herself, and all nominations must be signed.
  • A copy of the nominee’s recent resume must be attached. Please submit supporting materials, such as press releases, news clippings, website references, pictures, etc. that will assist the Selection Committee.
  • Nomination form must be completed and submitted by midnight on Sept. 30.
  • Nominations received after Sept. 30 will be considered for the next year.
  • Any nominees not selected automatically will be considered for three years, after which the nomination must be resubmitted if not selected.
  • Please inform the individual that you are nominating her/him.