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The demand for skilled workers is growing, and companies in all industries are striving to be leaner and more efficient, re-thinking staffing models and job descriptions to stay as competitive as possible. Partnering with Moraine Valley Community College can benefit businesses of any size by creating custom solutions tailored to your organization’s needs that result in going beyond the traditional hiring practices. Together with Moraine Valley, we can create your best workforce that is ready to meet the changing needs you face.

Employee education isn’t always about degrees and certifications. Supporting an employee’s educational needs will enhance their role in the workplace. Completing a series of general education classes like speech, math, composition, and computer literacy can improve skill sets in every position.

Reasons you should be developing your employees

  • 1. Helps Attract and Retain Great Employees

    Employee turnover is an expensive and time-consuming problem for businesses. Providing employee development as part of the hiring package gives you a competitive advantage over other similar jobs and wages.

  • 2. Creates Promotable Employees

    Empower your employees with strong skill sets that will prepare them to move into positions with more responsibilities. Employee development both trains your current employees for possible future promotion as well as shows you which employees have an aptitude for such a promotion.

  • 3. Employee Development Increases Profits

    Employee engagement happens best when the goals of the business and the ambitions of the employee are fully aligned. By creating an environment that encourages your employees to become invested in your business you can see it directly reflect in your profits. 

  • 4. Addresses Weaknesses in Your Workforce

    Ongoing training and development programs allow you to find and address any weaknesses and helps your employees to be more all-rounded and better skilled at every factor of their job.

Available Services

Educating Your Workforce

Our Admissions team is ready to help utilize or customize a tuition assistance program that will help recruit, develop, engage and retain high-quality employees. It is a great way to maximize your return on investment and in many cases can be a tax deduction. Currently, the IRS allows employers to write off tuition reimbursements for
additional training and tuition assistance programs for each
employee per year. *

* Publication 15-B

Find Your Next Great Hire

The Job Resource Center at Moraine Valley offers services and opportunities for employers to connect with and invest in their next great hire, including job postings, talent acquisition events, internships, and more.

  • Post on our online job board
  • Create an internship position
  • Participate in events to recruit, provide industry knowledge and enhance employability skills for your future candidates

Training Current Employees

Developing specific on-going training for your organization can be difficult when you have a variety of skill sets that need to be met. Moraine Valley’s Corporate, Community
and Continuing Education department offers off-the-shelf and customized training solutions for any size team or budget. Let us create a series of classes or certificates packaged specifically for your organization’s needs that can be delivered on our campus, onsite at your location, or online.

Tuition Packages

Our admissions team is here to help you build up your employees and strengthen your business. We can help find classes or certificates that will enhance the roles of your employees and increase retention. Whether you currently have a benefits program or are looking to create one, let Moraine Valley show you your options.

130+ Programs

Moraine Valley has over 130+ degree and certificate programs that prepare for careers in areas like:
• IT
• Business Administrative
• Health Care
• Education
• Trade Work – Welding; Automotive; Heating and Air Conditioning; Commercial Driver’s License (CDL); Non-Destructive Testing; Transportation, Distribution and Logistics. 

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