Moraine Valley is grateful for the dedication and service of our armed forces. Whether you are a new student, returning student or deployed on active duty, we can assist you and eligible dependents as you begin or continue your education.

Eligibility for the various U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Educational Benefit programs is determined by your date of enlistment. In all cases, the final determination of eligibility is made by the VA. VA educational benefits may only be used to accomplish educational objectives defined as the completion of a VA-approved credit degree or certificate program.

Veteran Enrollment Step-by-Step

1. Apply For Veteran Educational Benefits

  • Apply for Veterans Educational Benefits at
  • Apply for financial aid at (Moraine Valley school code is 007692)

2. Apply for Admission to Moraine Valley Community College

3. Submit Transcripts

  • Request Transcripts and DD214
  • Register for the placement test using MVConnect or at Registration Office located in Building S, Room S103.

4. Take Placement Tests

  • Pay $25 exam fee online or at the Cashier’s office in Building S, Room S105
  • Complete placement exams (COM, MTH, RDG) in Testing Services in Building S, Room S101
  • Bring all documents (COE, DD214, placement exam results) to Building G, Room G240, to schedule a date for Orientation

5. Attend a mandatory Veteran’s Orientation

6. Register for Courses

  • Receive veteran information and college resource overview
  • Choose courses and register for classes
  • Depending on type of benefits, make payment if required
  • Get photo ID at Information Desk (Building S, first floor)
  • Purchase books and supplies at college Bookstore (Building D, Room D144). Consider the book rental program

For more detailed information, download the Student Veteran Information brochure or visit the Virtual Veterans Center, which walks through the admission process.

Questions? Please contact the Veteran Resource Center at (708) 608-4321 or by email at