Moraine Valley’s Intensive English Language Program provides full-time English language instruction:

  • Five days per week, Monday through Friday
  • Full-time instruction, 20 hours of classroom instruction weekly
  • Experienced instructors who care about your success
  • Three levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced
  • Listening, speaking, grammar, writing and reading skills taught at all levels
  • Free tutoring and extra practice
  • Comprehensive language laboratory

Moraine Valley does not require TOEFL for students who apply for study in the Intensive English Language Program. A comprehensive placement test is required upon arrival, and will determine the level of study that is appropriate for your abilities.

Students whose test results show placement in Level 3 IELP (advanced-level courses) may be allowed, with the consent of the advisor, to enroll in one additional university-level course. Upon successful completion of Level 3 IELP, students make progress into regular academic courses without having to take a TOEFL exam.