Step 1: Requesting a Group Placement Test
Must occur at least 30 calendar days in advance of the date the school intends to participate on a group testing date.
The expected number of students who will be present must be listed when scheduling the group test date.
Once a date and time has been agreed upon, the high school office must ensure all students have completed the Moraine Valley online admission application and that each student receives a valid Moraine Valley student ID number, which is necessary in order to take the placement test. The high school official also must ensure student birthdates are entered correctly on the online application to ensure automatic placement score uploading is successful.

Step 2: Submit list of students taking the ACCUPLACER Placement Test
High school officials will submit the exact list of students participating to their Moraine Valley contact person at least 14 calendar days before the scheduled exam date. The high school student group testing list must include each student’s full name, Moraine Valley ID number, address, phone number and birthdate.

Once the list of students is submitted changes or substitutions WILL NOT be allowed.

Step 3: Submit Student ACT/SAT Scores for Placement Exam Exemptions

ACT score of 20 or higher. SAT score of 480 Reading/English and/or 520 for Math.

Step 4: Registration and Payment Procedure
No later than seven business days prior to the scheduled test date, a check must be received from high school officials for the EXACT amount for all students who will test. Payment must be submitted and paid to the order of Moraine Valley Community College. The cost of the ACCUPLACER placement exam is $25 per student. The check may be picked up by the Moraine Valley contact person, mailed or dropped off at the Moraine Valley testing Center on the main campus in Palos Hills during the normal hours of operations. The payment is non-refundable.

Step 5: The ACCUPLACER Placement Test and Preparation Resources
The ACCUPLACER is a computer adaptive test that helps place students into appropriate reading, writing and math courses. The system draws on a pool of test questions, and then adjusts the level of the test questions to the skills and expertise of each individual test taker.

Study resources to prepare for the ACCUPLACER Placement Test include “The Free Official Web-Based Study App”, which is available online at the College Board website. Students can practice taking the classic version of all five tests.

Step 6: Students take the ACCUPLACER Placement Test
The group will arrive at Moraine Valley’s Testing Center on the schedule time and day. The Testing Center is located on the main campus in Palos Hills, in Building G Room 231.

All students MUST have a valid photo ID, which can be a high school ID, driver’s license, State ID, or passport

Students must store all their belongings before entering the testing lab. Students are not allowed to bring anything in the testing lab except their government-issued ID. No belongings such as food, drink, cellphones, smart watch etc. are not permitted.

Students are NOT allowed to use a personal calculator for the math portion of the test. A calculator is embedded in the test and will pop up when allowed.

Students will receive their score report immediately upon test completion