Moraine Valley Community College and participating high schools enter into annual dual credit agreements for selected courses at free or reduced costs.

Transfer courses (i.e. COM-101, HIS-201, etc.) require a non-refundable fee.

Career and technical education courses (i.e. AUT-112, LAN-111, etc.) may be free or offered at a reduced cost to dual credit students.

Effective fall 2018, student who earn a “C” or better in the course will become part of your permanent college record. College grades earned while in high school affect college GPA. For example, if you earn a final grade of “C”, you will have a college GPA of 2.0. There may be future financial aid or scholarship implications to your GPA, so we advise you to consult with your intended four-year transfer school.

If you earn a “D” or below in a dual credit course, no record of the class will be indicated on your transcript, and you will not receive college credit. Moraine Valley grades will be posted at the end of the course on the students’ portal page through MVConnect. You will want to verify that your grades are posted to the student portal prior to requesting a transcript.

Transcript Requests

Whether you attend Moraine Valley after your high school graduation, your Moraine Valley transcript reflects your dual credit courses and can be sent to any institution you attend. You can request an official transcript. NOTE: verify that your grades are posted to the student portal prior to requesting a transcript.

If you want to look into where your credits will be accepted, contact Academic Advising to review transfer guides to four-year institutions or visit

View Your Credits

It's easy to view the dual credit you have earned. Go to the MVConnect student portal. Use the Forgot your username option to find your username. Your password will be your 8-digit birth date (MMDDYYYY). Once you have signed onto the campus portal, look under Academic Profile for your transcript. Need help logging in? Contact the help desk at (708) 608-4357.

Enrollment Steps

  1. Contact your high school counselor for student eligibility and dual credit course offerings.
  2. Complete Placement testing or submit appropriate ACT/SAT/AP scores (if applicable) to your high school counselor.
  3. (Check to see if the dual credit course you wish to take has a prerequisite. For a list of these requirements go to the “Course Prerequisite” Tab on the left side of the screen. *Placement and submission of ACT/SAT/AP scores must be submitted before registration can occur.)
  4. The online dual credit application must be completed during the registration period. (Contact your high school counselor or instructor for dates/deadlines)
  5. Once the dual credit online application has been received and processed, you will receive an email to your personal email within 24 hours indicating, Student Identification number, Moraine Valley student email address and payment instructions, if your course has a dual credit fee.  Activate your Moraine Valley student email account and frequently check it to remain up to date on communication-related to Moraine Valley.
  6. Pay for your dual credit course fees (if applicable) either online, in-person or by phone by the appropriate deadline.

Privacy and Payment

What is FERPA and how does it affect me?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended (also referred to as the Buckley Amendment), is a federal law regarding the privacy of student educational records and the access provided to these records. Any educational institution that receives funds under any program administered by the U.S. Secretary of Education is bound by FERPA requirements. Upon enrollment as a Moraine Valley Dual Credit and/or Dual Enrollment student, Moraine Valley will only communicate with the student regarding their educational records and billing information unless indicated on the Dual Credit online application.

How do I pay for Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment courses?

Pay Online:

  • Login to MVConnect.
  • Enter user name and password.
  • Navigate to the Pay on My Account page. (Self-Service Menu>Student Account Information>Pay on My Account)

Pay In-Person:

  • Student account balances paid in person can be made at the Cashier’s Office located on the 1st floor of Building S, Room S105. Checks should be made payable to Moraine Valley and include the student’s ID number.

Am I eligible for financial aid?

Dual Credit students do not qualify for financial aid. To qualify for federal grants and loans, the federal government requires students to have received a high school diploma or its equivalent.

In addition, federal law requires that students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward a degree to be eligible to receive federal financial aid funds.

  • Completion Rate: Students must successfully complete 67 percent of the courses they attempt. All courses (including dual credit) are calculated.
  • Academic Standing: Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to qualify for aid, including dual credit classes.
  • Upper Limits: Students can only receive aid up to 150 percent of the program of study-measured by semester hours-dual credit courses included. If your major requires 30 semester hours, the upper limit would be 45.

These standards apply to all periods of attendance, even periods when a student did not receive financial aid. Therefore, because they are recorded on the college transcript, grades earned for college courses taken while in high school can impact a student's future financial aid.

What are other ways in which I can earn college credit while still in high school?
The Advanced Placement (AP) program and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) both allow students to gain college credit in various subject areas by successfully completing comprehensive examinations in those subjects.

Contact your high school counselor for more information.

TitleNon Course IDMVCC Course Equivalent(s)Required ScoreCredit Hours
Art History (History Of Art)AP.ARTART-11033
BiologyAP.BIOBIO-111 & BIO-11238
Calculus ABAP.MTHABMTH-15035
Calculus BCAP.MTHBCMTH-15025
MTH-150 & MTH-151310
CHM-131 & CHM-13248
Chinese Language and CultureAP.CHIHUM-99938
Computer Science AAP.CSCAMIS-10533
English Language and CompositionAP.COMCOM-10133
English Literature and CompositionAP.LITHUM-88833
Environmental ScienceAP.NATNAT-11133
European HistoryAP.HIS2HIS-10233
French Language And CultureAP.FRE1FRE-101 & FRE-10238
German Language and CultureAP.GERHUM-99938
Govt And Politics: ComparativeAP.PSC2PSC-21533
Govt And Politics: U.S.AP.PSC1PSC-11033
Human GeographyAP.GEOGEO-88833
Japanese Language and CultureAP.JPNHUM-99938
Music Theory-AppreciationAP.MUSMUS-10333
Physics 1AP.PHY1PHY-15034
Physics 2AP.PHY2PHY-15134
Physics BAP.PHYBPHY-15034
PHY-150 & PHY-15148
Physics C - Electricity & MagnetismAP.PHYCEMPHY-20433
Physics C - MechanicsAP.PHYCPHY-20333
Spanish LanguageAP.SPA1SPA-101 & SPA-10238
Spanish Literature And CultureAP.SPA2SPA-101 & SPA-10238
Studio Art 2D DesignAP.ART2DART-99933
Studio Art 3D DesignAP.ART3DART-99933
Studio Art DrawingAP.ARTSTART-99933
U.S. History (American History)AP.HIS1HIS-201 & HIS-20236
Course codes ending in -888 can be used towards General Education categories for all academic programs.
Course codes ending in -999 can be used towards General Education categories in career programs. Under transfer programs they are electives.