What is the AMATYC Student Competition?
It is a national contest for students enrolled in community colleges throughout the United States. The contest is offered twice a year – once each semester. It is a fun “test”. The test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. The material covered on the test is considered to be pre-calculus in nature. Topics can include: logic, college algebra, number theory, probability, etc.  Each correct question is awarded 2 points, and each incorrect question receives (-1/2) point. This means that the test taker should think twice about random guessing.

Who can participate?
We generally encourage and invite those students taking college algebra or higher to participate in this contest.  It is a wonderful opportunity for Moraine Valley students to experience what competing in a national competition feels like.

How do I sign up? What should I bring?
Students do not need to pre-register or sign-up in advance in order to take the test. They just need to come to Building D, Room D220 at the time of the test with a No. 2 pencil, a non-QWERTY calculator, and, most importantly, a picture I.D.

Are there prizes?
YES! The top 5 Moraine Valley students in each round will each receive a gift certificate. Who can I contact in the math department about the AMATYC contest? If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Elena Garant at (708) 974-5256, garant@morainevalley.edu or Daniel Nghiem at nghiemd@morainevalley.edu or by phone at 708-974-5581.

For more information on the AMATYC Student Mathematics League, visit www.amatyc.org.