The Therapeutic Massage Program trains entry-level massage therapists in the intentional and systematic manipulation of the soft tissue of the body. Skills included are the ability to facilitate relaxation, assist in rehabilitation and contribute to the client’s overall physical and emotional well-being. Additionally, the program instills the code of professional ethics coupled with a foundation of business management skills. Program students are prepared and eligible to sit for the exam to obtain Illinois licensure.

Program Information, Course Requirements and Suggested Schedule

Therapeutic Massage (Certificate)

The massage classes are taught in our contemporary, technology enabled classroom. The 2,600-square-foot multi-purpose room has a lecture area in the center. The room is equipped to accommodate 20 students. Surrounding the lecture area are 10 semi-private studios. Two studios are equipped with a hydraulic table to accommodate individuals with special needs.

Our curriculum has a solid foundation in both the art and science of massage therapy. As a student you will be required to study anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. To ensure a well rounded graduate, you will also take coursework to increase your understanding of the importance of wellness and leadership. These courses are taught in the appropriate disciplines throughout the college.

Professional ethics are reinforced throughout the program. Reasonable accommodations can be made for individuals with disabilities thru our Center for Disability Services.

Therapists must also have the ability to relate to other students and professionals with a high level of interpersonal communication skills. Since we work with the public, poise, tact and diplomacy is required. Therapists must be able to relate to the public in an emotionally controlled and professional manner. The curriculum here at Moraine Valley requires students to possess computer skills and reading at the 10th grade level. It is paramount that massage therapists maintain established safety and sanitization standards for all supplies and equipment.

Our massage therapy classes are taught by licensed massage therapists. Each instructor brings their area of expertise to the program. They are committed to providing excellence in massage therapy training and education.

Criminal Background Checks

In order to comply with certain state statutes and/or clinical affiliation agreements, students will be asked to complete a criminal background check. Application forms for criminal background checks may be obtained through the Career Programs Subdivision Office, B150, and fees paid to the Cashier’s Office. For information on criminal background application procedures, please contact the Career Programs Subdivision Office at (708) 974-5708. Satisfactory results of a completed criminal background check must be supplied to the program coordinator the first week a student is enrolled in MAS-110.

Therapeutic Massage Program Accreditation

This program is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA).

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Moraine Valley also is a member of the Illinois Community College Massage Therapist Educators.

Program FAQs

Questions? Contact the program coordinator at (708) 608-4062 or