The TEAS test is the admission exam for Moraine Valley’s Nursing program and is issued by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).

The TEAS test may be taken at any authorized testing center. Moraine Valley is an authorized testing center; however, the college only offers the test to individuals applying to our nursing program.

The areas of testing are written at a 12th grade level and consist of four areas: Reading and Comprehension, Writing, Science, Math. Prospective Nursing students must achieve an average score of the four testing areas (adjusted individual total score) of 60 percent or higher. The scores for Math and Science will be the most important part of the total score for ranking purposes.

TEAS scores are good for 12 months. The TEAS test may be taken twice per application cycle. Application deadlines are October 15 and March 15.

Taking the TEAS

To schedule a day and time to take the TEAS test you must go to the Testing Services website at and click Schedule an Exam to schedule a test date for your TEAS exam and pay the $73.00 testing fee.

Additional Help

For ATI test information, preparation and/or remediation resources please visit the ATI website.

Our library has TEAS test preparation materials available.

There are no calculators allowed during the test, so practice your math without a calculator. Practice all sections with a timer and allow yourself one minute per question.

Re-test Procedures

In order to take the re-test, a TEAS re-test referral form must be picked up from an Academic Advisor.

You must bring your first test results and discuss your intent to re-test with an Academic Advisor.

When submitting your application, you choose which test result you want to include in your application packet.

It is strongly recommended that you wait 10 days to study and review before retesting. Your test results are broken down into categories under each testing area. This will help you to identify what topics you need to review.

Remediation between test taking attempts is encouraged. Your test results are broken down into categories under each testing area. This will help you to identify where remediation is necessary.


Our tutoring department offers TEAS tutoring on Math and English. To use the services you MUST present an orange tutoring passport, which can be picked up in Room B150. Directions on how to use the services are on the passport.