The Medical Transcription Program prepares you to become a medical transcriptionist. You will take courses in health information management, medical terminology, medical transcription, and computer applications to develop a broad base of knowledge to enable transcription of general and specialized medical reports.

Program Information, Course Requirements and Suggested Schedule

Medical Transcription (Certificate)

Medical transcriptionists are medical language specialists who transcribe dictation by physicians and other health care professionals regarding patient diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. They use state of the art electronic equipment to transcribe a variety of medical reports that document patient care and facilitate delivery of health care services. Medical transcriptionists have a broad knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, surgical procedures, medications, diagnostic tests, curative procedures and medicolegal principles.

A wide variety of careers exist in the medical transcription fields, such as working in doctors’ office, hospitals, outpatient diagnostic services, insurance companies or private dictation services.

Recent graduates of medical transcription educational programs, MTs may wish to become a registered medical transcriptionist (RMT) by passing a national registry exam administered by the Association for Health care Documentation integrity (AHDI).

Program Prerequisite

Typing ability of 50 words per minute

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