The Travel Program develops skills necessary for a variety of careers in the multi-billion-dollar travel industry. Moraine Valley’s travel curriculum encompasses essential information regarding travel services, products and current issues, as well as technical and interpersonal skills. Our faculty members are subject-matter experts and working professionals in the travel industry. Because travel jobs are very desirable, the employers can pick and choose at will. Most positions require candidates to possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired through a comprehensive and job-preparing travel-training program such as Moraine Valley’s A.A.S. degree.

The comprehensive program covers international travel, hotels, conventions, and car rental, as well as transportation options available for traveling, including motor coach, air, rail, and ship. Gain experience with reservation computer systems currently used in the travel industry, plus internet research skills. An internship is offered with various segments of the travel industry where students can incorporate what is learned in the classroom to an on-the-job experience. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in the Walt Disney World College Program Internship in Orlando, Florida.


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If you have practical experience, you may want to learn more about Moraine Valley’s Achieved Prior Learning program that is available to currently enrolled students. You can call (708) 974-5710 for more information.

Internship Opportunities

An optional part of Moraine Valleys Travel Tourism Studies program is the internship component, which allows students to gain valuable experience through a firsthand view of the travel industry while also earning college credit. Students will work 200 hours during the semester, as well as meet in a weekly seminar to discuss experience and research issues in the field. Our interns work with airlines, travel agencies, cruise agencies, hotels, car rental agencies, tour operators, tourist offices, and meeting planning organizations. If accepted, our students also have the opportunity to work for the Disney Corporation at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. To be eligible for the travel tourism internship, the student must have a “B” or above GPA in all travel courses, plus the student needs coordinator permission to register for the class. By participating in an internship, you will make strong professional contacts and form concrete career goals. For application and information on the internship, contact Mary Beth Walsh at (708) 974-5569 or

Transfer Agreement

Our students can transfer to Governors State University and pursue a Business and Technology four-year degree. Students transferring to Governors State University in this major will receive credit for their entire A.A.S. degree.

Travel Industry Outpaces in Employment Recovery

The travel industry continues to be one of the prime drivers of the nation’s economy, according to an official at the U.S. Travel Association. In a 2012 news release, David Huether, senior vice president of economics and research at the U.S. Travel Association, said travel has created more than 285,000 jobs over the past few years and that the travel industry’s job growth continues to outpace the growth of the rest of the economy in employment recovery.


The mission of the Travel Business Management Program at Moraine Valley is to provide students with the occupational, technical and interpersonal skills necessary to survive and thrive in the travel industry. In addition to specific content knowledge, students will develop cross-cultural awareness, global understanding and communication skills. The program prepares students for a variety of options: pursuit of employment in the travel industry, transfer to a four-year college or university, professional development for those already employed in the field, and general knowledge for those interested in travel-related issues.

“The Travel Business Management Program at Moraine Valley has helped tremendously to open the door to opportunities in the Travel Industry. Through the Travel classes and the Meeting Planning Club at Moraine Valley, I made many valuable connections in the industry and landed a job that put me well on my way to the job I dream of. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to not only get a degree, but also get connected and employed in the travel industry.”
— Donna Mitsos, Midwest sales coordinator for a hospitality consortium of luxury hotels worldwide

Program Coordinator
Mary Beth Walsh, M.A., C.T.C., C.M.P.
Office Location: M145
Telephone: (708) 974-5569
Fax: (708) 974-0185