1. View general information for transfer students. Be sure to read the transfer overview.
  2. View and print the Transfer Pre-Admissions Checklist.
  3. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville participates in the Compact Agreement with Moraine Valley. Completing an Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Science (A.S.) degree at Moraine Valley satisfies lower-division general education requirements and grant the student junior standing.
  4. To create a transfer guide, select your intended major from Edwardsville’s list of Degrees & Programs.  Select “Undergraduate” in Step 1 to limit your search to baccalaureate degrees. Select your “area of interest” in Step 2. This filters the list of majors included in Step 3. Select your major and then “Find Out More.” Open the PDF file when prompted and print it. This document will include a list of courses for the major. View the Course Equivalency Guide to see how Moraine Valley courses transfer into SIU Edwardsville. Moraine Valley course codes are listed on the left with Edwardsville equivalencies to the right. You can use this guide to translate Edwardsville courses from the PDF you printed into Moraine Valley course codes. Note that selecting “All Courses” does not return the requested result. You need to search for each subject area for which you desire to transfer courses.
  5.  Additional information for special admission programs is available:
    i. Pre-Pharmacy Transfer Guide with Moraine Valley equivalencies
    ii. Dental Medicine Admission Requirements
    iii. RN-to-BSN option for students with an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing
  6. View and apply for transfer scholarship opportunities.
  7. Request additional information about Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville or schedule a visit.